New Battlefield 1 Weapons and Gadgets Discovered, Includes Silenced Sniper Rifle

A new batch of Battlefield 1 weapons has been discovered by a community member, which may or may not be tied to upcoming expansion packs.

A new video showcases these weapons in action. However, there is no mention of how the player managed to access them. Upcoming content is usually data mined through existing patch files or accessed on the Community Test Environment (CTE). Without the mention of either, we can only speculate on their availability.

There are five different Battlefield 1 weapons to go through. First is the Double-barreled Shotgun that has surfaced before as well, and is probably part of the game’s second expansion pack, In the Name of the Tsar. The basis of its legitimacy is the fact that it was pictured in an illustration that the developer released last month while giving away details for the next content pack.

The second weapon is the silenced sniper rifle from the single-player campaign, complete with a bipod attachment. There is dispute between the model of the weapon, with some stating it to be the Gewehr M.95 Marksman while others believe it to be the M1903.

Another silenced weapon is the C93 semi-automatic pistol. It features a shoulder stock, similar to how it was in the single-player campaign. The Shell casings also make way into the multiplayer module, preferably to distract enemies but can kill by doing minimum damage.

Finally, the developer is apparently adding the binoculars from the single-player mode. Similar to the Trench Periscope, players can use the gadget to verify range of the target before firing.

The recent Spring Update added four new weapon variants for each class. These are available to all and can be unlocked by completing special weapon assignments. Do note that players will also be required to achieve a class level 10 on the respective weapon.

  • Assault: Hellriegel 1915 (Defensive)
  • Medic: Selbstlader 1906 (Sniper)
  • Support: Huot Automatic (Optical)
  • Scout: Martini-Henry (Sniper)

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