New November Battlefield 1 Patch is Now Live

DICE has released the new Battlefield 1 patch on PC and PS4 with rent-server program while the Xbox One version is being deployed

The highly awaited Battlefield 1 patch, title Fall Update, is finally live on PC and PS4 servers while it is currently being deployed on the Xbox One version of the game.

Servers were taken offline earlier today, 8AM UTC and 10AM UTC for PC and PS4 respectively. After an hour of maintenance, the new Battlefield 1 patch was deployed on both these platforms while the Xbox One servers were taken down at 12PM UTC for preparation.

Similar to the previous Battlefield 1 patch, Update 10242016, DICE still hasn’t released the official patch notes yet which is pretty weird because people like to know what changes have been made before they jump back into a game.

Hopefully the patch notes will be available soon and won’t take almost an entire day like last time.

Even though there are no patch notes, the Battlefield 1 subreddit has reports coming in from players who tried the game after the update and have noticed some obvious changes.

As DICE promised earlier, the newly updated version of Suez map is now finally live in the game and now features five flags in Conquest instead of just three. 64 player Operations mode has also seen a change in the new Battlefield 1 patch as tickets for Attackers has been increased to 256.

Another change which players have been asking for since the game launched is the ability to customize the soldier loadout on main menu. Thankfully the feature has now been implemented in the game.

DICE also mentioned earlier that the update will start their Rent-A-Server program which will also be enabling Custom Servers in the game. While the option to create a custom game does appear in the game now, eventually it leads to nothing as the server rent system doesn’t seem to have gone online yet.

Hardcore mode and Fog of War still seem to be disabled and are listed as Coming Soon.

For PC users, the update weighs in around 1.6GB while the PS4 version is at 1.9GB. The Xbox one version should be closer to the PS4 in download size.

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