Warner Bros Montreal Leaked The Next Batman Game?

Arkham franchise is quite successful for Warner Bros and it seems that the WB Montreal might have leaked their new Batman game.

Batman Arkham franchise has been quite successful for the Warner Bros and it seems that the WB Montreal, developers behind Arkham Origins, might have leaked their new Batman game.

As noted by Arkhamverse forum user BiGbAdBaTz, WB Montreal might have leaked their upcoming Batman game through their recruiting video. As you can see in the images below taken directly from the recruitment video there is a caped figure which is awfully similar to Batman.

The rest of the images show different parts of the game being developed like roads and buildings. Looks like WB Montreal was not careful enough to keep the game a secret.

Given that WN Montreal developed Batman Arkham Origins it comes as no surprise that the studio might be working on a new Batman game. Also, after the launch of Arkham Origins news was making rounds on the internet that WB Montreal is working on a Suicide Squad games.

Either it is a sequel to Arkham origins or a completely separate game, we will know for sure once Warner Bros officially reveals it.

Recently, Warner Bros revealed that servers for Batman Arkham Origins will shut down on December 4, 2016 and after that players will not be able to access the multiplayer services for the game.

The latest Batman game to release is the Batman Arkham VR and Telltale is also developing an episodic Batman game for which two episodes have already been released.

Also, Batman Return To Arkham has been launched for PS4 and Xbox One. Return To Arkham is a bundle of remastered Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Batman Return To Arkham is also available for PlayStation 4 Pro, however, the performance boost is not that impressive.

So are you excited for a new Batman game? Let us know in the comments.

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