New Batman Game with Damian Wayne in Development at Warner Bros?

Apparently, a new Batman game is being developed by Warner Bros right now that features Batman's son, Damian Wayne; more details inside.

Well, things could get really interesting with the new Batman game, but before that, yes, there is a solid rumor circulating around claiming that Warner Bros is currently working on the next title in the franchise, as rumored before.

A French website has allegedly talked to an insider who could confirm that Damian Wayne is going to be our protagonist in the upcoming title.

Moreover, the rumor claims that it is going to have a more crowded Gotham City that is going to have a complete day and night cycle. Apparently Damian is going to have a Batcycle in the game, with no word on the Batmobile.

The whole scoop is in French, so we are sharing with you an online translation below:

The story would unfold in the near future and the main protagonist is the son of Batman, Damian Wayne. Not only the city of Gotham will be larger, but on top of that, it would be very crowded. Unlike the previous video game Batman, in this one, it will be a day and night cycle. No information regarding the availability of the Batmobile, but it should have access to the Batcycle. Regarding the Batcave, the latter may be upgraded over the progress of the game.

The new Batman game is not the only thing that we have at hand. The insider has also shared details on the new Suicide Squad game, claiming that it is a third person shooter that is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal.

This new Suicide Squad game will be a direct sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins.

We will try to dig deeper into the matter and see if there is anything else we can pick up about the new Batman game and the rest.

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