Need for Speed Payback Drifting Guide – How to Master Drifting, Chaining Drifts, NOS, Multipliers

Need for Speed Payback Drifting Guide to help you everything you need to know about mastering the art of Drifting in NFS Payback and pulling it off.

In this Need for Speed Payback Drifting Guide, we will share some tips and tricks for you so that you can easily drift in Need for Speed Payback. Drifting has always been a fan favorite in Need for Speed and EA has done a decent job improving drifting to some extent.

We have curated this Need for Speed Payback Drifting Guide so that you can easily learn to pull massive drifts with our tips and tricks. Become the drift master with our Need for Speed Payback Drifting Guide.

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Need for Speed Payback Drifting Guide

Need for Speed Payback Drifting Guide details everything that you need to know about drifting in Need for Speed Payback.

Need for Speed Payback Drifting – How to Master

There are different techniques and tricks that you can follow to master drifting. We have listed some below.

Need for Speed Payback – Chain Drifts

One of the most important aspect when it comes while drifting is to chain drifts together. Single drifts are fun but they do not give you massive points.

To earn those big numbers you must chain together drifts and try to elongate a drift as much as possible before chaining it with the next drift. Drifting in a straight line will not increase your multiplier.

Chaining drifts together also keeps your multiplier high so you can earn big scores and achieve drift targets easily. Short and un-synced drifts will not give you very high points. Make sure you adapt your drift according to the road ahead or you might end up on the wall during the chaining.

Need for Speed Payback – Use NOS Effectively

NOS helps you a lot during your drifts as it gives you an instant speed boost. If you think your speed is falling too low you can use a little nitrous to give you a quick boost however you must be very careful as giving the car too much boost might make it unstable and will cause your car to either crash or spin out.

Make sure you use short and controlled bursts of NOS to give an optimum amount of boost to the car. If you are good at it, you can also use a little bit of NOS during a drift to increase the tire spin rate and cause your drift to be much longer than normal.

Need for Speed Payback – Keep your Multiplier High

The most important aspect while drifting in NFS Payback is that you need to keep your multiplier high. You must focus on keeping it as high as possible for maximum scores. Keeping low multipliers are not a very effective way of drifting, as it will not give you a good score in the end.

You must chain together drifts to keep it high and to increase it. Hitting or spinning out will cause your multiplier to drop. Max out your multiplier by chaining drifts and then use NOS to maintain it.

Need for Speed Payback – Understand the Drift Mechanics

Need For Speed Payback features different game mechanics for every car class and hence the drift cars feature a unique control mechanic.

You need to learn this unique handling of drift cars if you want to be good at drifting. Learn how to tune these drift cars, play around with the controls and stick to one tuning setting that suits you well.

Need for Speed Payback – Things to Avoid while Drifting

  • Never spam your NOS. Make sure that you using it in short and controlled bursts. Spamming will only lead you to a failed drift attempt or a lost multiplier.
  • Avoid using the handbrake to initiate drifts. Use your break and then accelerate hard to turn the wheels rather than using the handbrake.

This concludes our Need for Speed Payback Drifting Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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