Best Cars In Need for Speed Heat, Ranked

Become the king of the asphalt and rule the streets with our guide to the best cars available to players in NFS Heat.

Need for Speed Heat features over 127 cars that you can unlock. From the classic Volkswagen Golf GTI to more modern supercars like the McLaren P1 GTR and Lamborghini Huracan, picking out the best cars in the game can be hard. Since there are various vehicles you can unlock at different levels, we’ve chosen the Best Cars for you that are available in NFS Heat.

Each entry considers the vehicle’s basic stats, adeptness, price, and speed. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

10. BMW X6 M ’16

The BMW X6 M ’16 kicks off our list of the best cars in Need for Speed Heat. This vehicle is a combination of perfect acceleration along Handling. It lacks Speed (174 Mph), but it possesses the best acceleration and power, which helps it drive off-road. Additionally, it is fairly well balanced in the situations it can handle, and with a customization rating of 7, you can customize this vehicle however you please. It can be purchased for $107,500 and comes with the following stats:

High speed2.2

9. Ford F-150 Raptor ’17

While the Ford F-150 Raptor ’17’s acceleration is on the lower side, it has a respectable top speed of 144 Mph. The main draw for this vehicle is its drifting and off-road capabilities offering a unique setup that very few cars in this game have. Despite its humble appearance, this is a must-own for off-road and drifting enthusiasts. The F-150 Raptor ’17 can be purchased for $54,000 and comes with the following stats:

High speed1.5

8. Mazda RX-7

nfs heat best cars position 8

The Mazda RX-7 is the next vehicle on our list. It is the best Drifting car available in NFS Heat. Along with an amazing drifting ability, this car possesses a 234 Mph top speed, meaning you can drift at a very high speed. Be sure to put the Steering Sensitivity to high and Downforce to low while using this car for better results. Remember that Mazda RX-7 is to be strictly used for drifting, not regular racing. With a high customization rating of 9, this vehicle can be purchased for $59,500. It has the following stats:

High speed1.4

7. Porsche Panamera Turbo ’17

The Porsche Panamera Turbo ‘17 is an all-rounder car, having a decent top speed (190 Mph), good acceleration, and decent power. It is also fairly balanced regarding different track conditions, excelling not only in off-road scenarios but also in drifting and track events. It can be purchased for $137,000 and possess the following stats:

High speed2.8

6. SRT Viper GTS ’14

The SRT Viper GTS ’14 takes the sixth spot on our list. This vehicle is made for free-roaming, as it is perfect for sliding around areas with a very high speed of 206 Mph. This car has a powerful acceleration and a very light setup, enabling it to drift with amazing handling and precision. It can be purchased for $121,500 and has the following stats:

High speed3.5

5. Ferrari LaFerrari ‘13

nfs heat best cars position 5

The Ferrari LaFerrari ’13 represents the very best of the Italian cars manufacturer in NFS Heat. It has high horsepower, a low build, and a respectable top speed. It lacks severely in the customization department but the stock visual makeup and stats more than make up for it. It ranks lower on our list due to its limited usability outside of on-road conditions. It can be purchased for $1,104,500 and comes equipped with the following stats:

High speed5.7

4. Ferrari FXX-K Evo ‘18

The Ferrari FXX-K Evo ‘18 takes the sixth spot on our list. This vehicle has the best engine in the game and is made for track racing. It travels at 217 Mph and possesses 1,446 horsepower, allowing it to outrun any vehicle in front of it. It ranks lower on our list for the same reason as the LaFerrari ‘13. It is one of the game’s most expensive vehicles, costing $2,177,500. It comes equipped with the following stats:

High speed5.9

3. McLaren P1 ‘14

nfs heat best cars position 3

The McLaren P1 ’14 kicks off our top three. This car is the true definition of an on-road racing car. It has an engine that you’ll only find on a jet plane. It’s a super-fast car, racing at a top speed of 217 Mph. Your opponent needs luck to surpass this car on the track. It can be purchased for$774,500 and comes equipped with the following stats:

High speed5.5

2. McLaren P1 GTR ‘15

The McLaren GTR’15 is considered the new and improved version of P1’14. It has some of the best acceleration in the game, in addition to a respectable top speed. However, it is limited in its off-road capabilities, and its horsepower is slightly lower than the P1 ’14. Despite these shortcomings, it is still one of the best vehicles in the game. it can be purchased for $2,120,500 and has the following stats:

High speed6.1

1. Koenigsegg Regera ‘16

nfs heat best cars position 1

The Koenigsegg Regera ‘16 is the fastest and the most reliable car in Need for Speed Heat, it travels at a jaw-dropping speed of 410 KM/hour. It can easily leave every car in the game in the dust which is why it is number 1 on our best cars list in NFS Heat. No car can compete with its speed and power, it also has some off-road validity, which makes it a dangerous competitor not only on-road but also off-road. It does suffer with a lower customization rating but the sheer power and speed more than makes up for it. The Regera ’16 has the following stats:

High speed2.2

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