First Trailer For Frostbite Powered Need For Speed Edge Shows Fast Cars

It has been quite a while since we have seen or heard anything officially about next Need For Speed game. Well, developer Nexon has released a new trailer for their upcoming game Need For Speed Edge.

Need For Speed Edge was announced a while ago as a PC exclusive and the game is a collaboration between the developer Nexon and Electronic Arts. The trailer focuses on the luxury cars going at high speed and racing with each other. The trailer also shows us a glimpse of the different environments.

Need For Speed Edge is an MMO racing game, the game is based on the 2013’s Need For Speed Rivals. As you can see in the trailer the environments look quite similar to that of Need For Speed Rivals’. At the end of the trailer, developer Nexon also announced that the game will be entering its third beta phase soon in South Korea.

As Need For Speed: Rivals was using the DICE’s groundbreaking Frostbite Engine, so Need For Speed Edge will continue to use the same engine. Recently, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that switching all of their games to Frostbite Engine has been incredibly powerful.

He also confirmed that Madden NFL franchise will also be moved to Frostbite Engine similar to what we have seen with FIFA 17.

However, that is not the only Need For Speed game in development, as EA and Ghost Games have announced a new Need For Speed game for 2017. Nothing solid is known about the game, but a trademark for Need For Speed Arena popped up a few days back. But until then devs officially reveal something we can just speculate.

No release date has been announced for Need For Speed Edge by Nexon, but the game will be playable at the Nexon booth G-Star at Global Game Show in Busan.

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