NBA 2K24 Takeovers Explained

The takeover system has seen a major change in NBA 2K24 so we thought we will help you understand how the new takeovers work.

All players transitioning from NBA 2K23 to NBA 2K24 and creating their own new character will notice that they can no longer select their takeovers in NBA 2K24. Why? Well because the way takeovers work in NBA 2K24 has been drastically changed. This guide will look at how takeovers have been changed in NBA 2K24 and how to select your takeovers in the latest installment.

How NBA 2K24 Takeovers work

Takeovers are an important part of your character build as they can be used to amplify your aptitudes and talents in any match. Being able to select particular takeovers for yourself in any character used to be an important feature of NBA, but this has been changed in NBA 2K24.

In NBA 2K24, you cannot set your takeovers when creating a new MyPlayer build. There are no badges for takeover in 2K24, but the game directly offers takeovers to players during the match.

As you fill your takeover meter by scoring or generally playing through the match, you get the option to open the newly added takeover menu in NBA 2K24. The new takeover menu in NBA 2K24 allows you to select a takeover from one of the categories, centered around other badges in the game

You can select whatever takeover you want from this menu during your match and activate it, gaining all the benefits of the said takeover.

NBA 2K24 allows you to pick whatever takeover you want depending on the situation, rather than selecting and being stuck with one throughout the game. This brings a lot more fluidity and flexibility to builds and playstyles and allows you to experiment with different takeovers on the fly.

Since you have the option to select from any takeover now, you also get an additional feature. Waiting to fill 2 takeover bars can allow you to activate Double Takeover which enables the use of two takeovers at once, further increasing their effectiveness overall.

Takeover Icons

Now that we know how takeovers work in 2K24, let us look at how to select them.

When your character gets their takeover icon fulfilled, players will get their takeover menu. All your takeovers have separate inputs to activate them, all of which can be selected by a single push of a button.

By default, your takeovers setup and their icons are as follows:

  • A/X: Finishing – Checkered Flag
  • X/Square: Shooting – Sniper
  • Y/Triangle: Playmaking – Basketball Comet
  • LB/L1: Defense – Shield
  • RB/R1: Physical – Hand with Dumbbell

You can change what input you want for what takeover, so you are not stuck with these inputs and you can freely choose how to set up your takeover menu. In general, the new takeover system allows you to access multiple takeovers quickly without having to invest in a single takeover or spreading too thin to get multiple takeovers. Furthermore, it also allows you to use two takeovers at once and increase multiple stats.

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