How To Unlock Rebirth In NBA 2K24

Rebirth in NBA 2K24 is an extremely useful perk to unlock to gain advantage in your future MyPlayer builds.

Rebirth is easily the best perk players can equip in NBA 2K24. Due to its effectiveness and the bonuses Rebirth gives, unlocking it can be a bit of work. However, that is why we are here to help you unlock Rebirth in NBA 2K24 so you can take advantage of the massive OVR and progression boost it offers.

How to unlock Rebirth in NBA 2K24

The requirements and process of unlocking Rebirth in NBA 2K24 are pretty much the same as previous games, with slight changes.

To unlock rebirth, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Find Ronnie2K
  • Talk to Ronnie2K
  • Hit 90 OVR on your first MyPlayer Build

Now the main questions are how to find Ronnie2K. Where will he be? What are the requirements that need to be met when meeting him?

How to find Ronnie2K to unlock Rebirth perk

Luckily, NBA 2K24 gives you an early quest with the help of which you can find Ronnie 2k’s location. Even if you don’t pick the quest, you can still find him. Whatever path you choose, Ronnie 2K can be easily found on the south end beach of the map. If you go straight from in between the RISE and ELITE affiliation buildings towards the beach, you will spot him.

Ronnie2K will be found outside near the rocks on the 3v3 Beachfront Court. Another thing is that when you get the quest and track it Ronnie 2k’s location will also be highlighted on the map so you will have no trouble in finding him at all.


Once you have found Ronnie, talk to him and then reach 90 OVR in your first MyPlayer Build.

There are certain ways to achieve that as well. You can either play the game or buy 250,000 VC (Virtual Currency) in the game to reach 90 OVR. The easiest and cheapest way to reach 90 OVR is by playing NBA matches or going out in the city and challenging other players for a match.

Once you have enough VC, spend it to increase your build’s score to 90 OVR and you will succesfully unlock the Rebirth perk.

What does the Rebirth perk do?

So why is NBA 2K24 Rebirth so special and why you should consider unlocking it? Well since you have already made quite an effort to reach 90 OVR, Rebirth rewards you handsomely for it in your future builds.

With the Rebirth perk, every MyPlayer build you make in the future will start with an initial 90 OVR score so you don’t have to grind anymore. On top of that, the Rebirth perk gives the following advantages

  • 5% boost to badge level progression
  • Your badges will start at Silver if you meet the other requirements

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