NBA 2K24 Best Paint Beast Build

Paint Beasts as their name suggests control the painted area of the court with their height, weight and amazing ability to convert a ball into dunk.

Paint is an area in the NBA where all the players fight for ball control and try to score with layups or dunk shots. Having a player who is a beast inside the paint can change the whole course of the game in NBA 2K24. These players are gigantic, strong, and have extremely large wing spans. One thing we like to explain is that the paint area is colored differently from the rest of the court. It is next to the basket and offers the highest opportunity to score goals and win rebounds.

In this guide, we will create a paint beast build in NBA 2K24, which is also proficient as an Inside Center. This build has amazing ball control, steal ability, rebound snatch and all of this topped with their unfathomable dunking ability.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 Paint Beast build

Paint beast players are offensive and defensive players with little playmaking abilities in the region. They also boast impressive physical strength to challenge both attackers and defenders.

We have carefully selected the following stats for our NBA 2K24 Paint Beast build. We recommend you also allocate the same number of points to the stats mentioned below. 

Height 7’0” 
Weight 245 lbs 
Wingspan 7’5” 
Close Shot 64 
Driving Layup 46 
Driving Dunk 66 
Standing Dunk (focus) 92 
Post Control 39 
Mid-Range Shot 60 
Three-point Shot 67 
Free Throw 58 
Pass Accuracy 70 
Ball Handle 35 
Speed with Ball – 
Interior Defense (focus) 88 
Perimeter defense 44 
Steal 34 
Block 87 
Offensive Rebound 80 
Defensive Rebound (focus) 93 
Speed 66 
Acceleration 56 
Strength (focus) 99 
Vertical 80 
Stamina 90 

As you can notice, our Paint Beast build heavily relies on dunks, interior defense, defensive rebound, and strength stats to dominate the colored area of the court.


This build will work for both the standard and next-gen versions of the game.

How to set up Paint Beast build?

Paint beasts are great defenders and can turn the game on its head with their ability to dunk. Not only do they possess amazing strength to fight off the defenders, but they can also push the attackers with ease. Due to their massive height and weight, Paint beasts play an important role in controlling the ball inside the paint and act as a playmaker for their teammates. 

The first part of our build deals with the offense. As Paint beasts in NBA 2K24 only control the paint area near the basket, the only attribute we care about is Standing dunk (92). It allows us to perform perfect dunks from under the basket once we push away the defenders. 

The next part of the build is all about playmaking. As we are not concerned with controlling the ball here, we only need to focus on Pass accuracy (70). This allows us to pass the ball around if we fail to convert it into a basket. 

The next one is defense. Paint Beasts are marvelous defenders by default as it comes with the job. For this purpose, we have 88 points in Interior defense, 87 points in Block, and 93 points in Defensive rebound. A paint beast is incomplete if they can’t defend their paint in basketball. 

Physical is the section where Paint Beasts shine in NBA 2K24. As the name implies, a Paint beast must be physically strong and have much energy to spare. For this purpose, we have put 99 points in strength to gain some of the best HoF badges in the game. 90 points go into Stamina and 80 into Vertical to complete our beastly build.

Best Badges

Badges are important in creating a specific build in the game. We selected the following badges for our Paint Beast build in NBA 2K24.

S-Tier badges

  • Anchor (Silver): This badge improves your ability to defend the paint. 
  • Catch and Shoot (Bronze): This badge improves your ability to do a jump shot after a catch. 
  • Boxout Beast (HoF): this badge improves your ability to fight in the paint region and get a good chance for a rebound. 
  • Brick Wall (HoF): This badge increases the effectiveness of screens and allows you to drain energy from opponents on contact. 
  • Bulldozer (HoF): This badge allows you to control the ball more efficiently against overpowering defenders. 
  • Chase Down Artist (Gold): This increases your chances of getting a chase-down block against the opponents. 
  • Pogo Stick (Gold): This badge allows you to recover and jump higher after a landing. 
  • Rise Up (Gold): You can now easily dunk under the basket. 

A-Tier badges for Paint Beast build in NBA 2K24

  • Aerial Wizard (Gold): This badge improves your ability to finish lobs and putbacks around the rim. 
  • Green Machine (Bronze): You get a bonus for successful consecutive releases. 
  • Post Lockdown (Gold): This ability allows you to defend post moves efficiently. 

B-Tier badges

  • Immovable Enforcer (HoF): You get stronger against ball handlers and finishers.

Best animations

To complete our Paint Beast build in NBA 2K24, we have the following recommendations for the animations. 

  • Jonas Valanciunas 
  • Walker Kessler 
  • Marcus Camby 
  • A+ Ball control 
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