Why Is Brickley’s Gym Closed In NBA 2K24?

Brickley's Gym in NBA 2K24 is a great place to train and take part in 3v3 or 5v5 matches but the gym seems to be closed and players can't enter.

With the release of NBA 2K24, one of the hot topics under discussion is Brickley’s Gym. The game allows the player to access different gyms and weekly workouts to improve the player’s attributes with the help of some training. One such gym is the Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2K24 where you can find the renowned trainer Chris Brickley but most of the players are unable to enter the gym building.

Seems like the entrance to Brickley’s Gym is closed, leaving players to wonder how are they supposed to access the area and if there is a reason behind the gym being closed. We are here to answer exactly those questions for you.

Why is Brickley’s Gym closed in NBA 2K24

Brickley’s Gym offers 3v3 scrimmages from Monday to Thursday and 5v5 from Friday to Sunday. Sounds fun but the gym being closed has thrown a wrench in a lot of player’s plans. Brickley’s Gym is found in the western part of the city if you wish to visit the area.

As for now, there is not any concrete reason to be defined behind the closure of NBA 2K24 Brickley’s Gym. All of what is circling around are just speculations by the players as nothing has been confirmed yet by the developers. Some players are saying it might be a bug halting them from growing and progressing in the game.

Similarly, some are of the view that maybe it is linked to some sort of game progression, linked to a specific quest in the future.

As mentioned earlier, no one knows the answer. However, some players have claimed to get inside the gym but they do have not any specific key or method of how they do it. While going through the Mamba Mentality quest, players do visit Brickley’s Gym as it is an objective requirement of the quest. Except for it, there is not no solid way to enter the Gym building.

Some players are of the view that it might be the gym’s schedule that is marking it closed for some reason. If there is any concrete evidence as to why Brickley’s Gym remains closed, we will be sure to update this article.

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