NBA 2K24 Best 3PT Shot Creator Build For SF

Small Forwards in NBA 2K24 are hell of a defenders, playmakers and point scorers. To honor Lebron James, we have decided to dedicate our small forward build to him.

Some of the world’s greatest NBA players are Small Forwards and the same is the case with NBA 2K24. This NBA 2K24 3-point shot creator build is dedicated to LeBron James, one of the greatest of all time. Just like him, our build is not only efficient in playmaking but can also perform stylish dunks with pitch-perfect long and mid-range shots.

For a 3-point shot creator Small Forward build in NBA 2K24, it is imperative they are proficient in both distance shots and parameter defenses. Collecting a secondary rebound is a bonus as it allows an opportunity to launch a counter-offensive.

Body settings and attributes for 3PT Shot Creator build

For a small forward player who can create 3-point shots in NBA 2K24, the following are the stats we have decided to stick with. Make sure that you select these stats exactly as they are in the list. 

Attributes Values
Height 6’7” 
Weight 183 lbs 
Wingspan 6”11” 
Close Shot 64 
Driving Layup 80 
Driving Dunk 75 
Standing Dunk – 
Post Control – 
Mid-Range Shot 90 
Three-point Shot (focus) 85 
Free Throw 65 
Pass Accuracy 80 
Ball Handle 89 
Speed with Ball 83 
Interior Defense 65 
Perimeter defense (focus) 85 
Steal 60 
Block – 
Offensive Rebound 33 
Defensive Rebound 60 
Speed 85 
Acceleration 84 
Strength 63 
Vertical 60 
Stamina (focus) 99 
Attributes and values for the best 3 point shot creator build for Small Forwards

Our build is more geared towards scoring 3-pointers from long and mid-range distances while defending the parameter.

How to set up a 3 Point shot creator build for Small Forward

Small forwards are the core of any team in NBA 2K24. They play an important role in creating space for playmaking, perfect long shots, receiving secondary rebounds, and defending your parameter. In this build, we will mainly focus on dribbles, defense, and long shots to deliver perfect 3-pointers. Below is an extensive breakdown of all four main playstyles in the game. 

We are going to put 90 points in Mid-Range Shot, 85 points in Three-point Shot, and 65 points in Free Throw. This puts our accuracy for long shots and mid-range shots above 90% with the help of specific badges. It also allows us to move the ball freely across the court without getting into much trouble. 

The next part is also the most important one. As we are playing Small Forward, right behind power forward, we are also tasked with playmaking and passes. To achieve this task, we have 80 points in Pass Accuracy, 89 points in Ball Handle, and 83 points in Speed with Ball. This stat distribution unlocks Ankle Breaker which allows us to overwhelm the defenders and pass the ball easily to our teammates. 

Defense is a core mechanic and duty of a Small Forward player in NBA 2K24. For this, we have set Perimeter Defense at 85 to block the rebound attack from the opponents. 

For the physical section, 85 points go into Speed, 84 points into Acceleration and 99 points into Stamina. This improves our dribble speeds and quality, while we pass the defenders to use our open center player to deal a massive blow to the opponents.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 3PT Shot Creator build

Badges play an important role as they define the archetype of your builds. With our selected badges, we managed to create a Shot Creator 3-point Small forward build in NBA 2K24. Badges are dependent on the number of points you invest in the skills during character creator. The only way to improve your badges is via investing more into skills to unlock their Hall of Fame versions.

S-Tier badges

  • Blinders (Gold): This badge allows you to remain unfazed by defenders from the sides. 
  • Catch and Shoot (Gold): This badge improves your ability to perform a shot as soon as you catch the ball. 
  • Deadeye (Gold): This badge reduces the impact of any defender closing in on you. 
  • Fearless Finisher (Silver): This badge improves your layup contact conversion.
  • Giant Slayer (Gold): This badge allows you to perform improved layups over tall defenders.
  • Handles for Days (Silver): This badge improves your energy/stamina consumption while dribbling. 
  • Limitless Range (Bronze): Your ability to shoot from deep range increases. 
  • Unpluckable (Silver): This improves your chances of holding the ball against the defenders.

A-tier badges

  • Agent 3 (Gold): This badge improves your ability to make 3-point pull up shots. 
  • Ankle Braces (Silver): This badge reduces your chances of getting crossed over by the opponents. 
  • Ankle Breaker (Gold): This badge allows you to freeze or drop a defender when performing dribble moves
  • Corner Specialist (Gold): This badge boosts your ability to perform corner shots. 
  • Green Machine (Gold): You will get more bonuses from consecutive releases.
  • Hyperdrive (Gold): This badge improves your dribbles while on the move. 
  • Space Creator (Gold): Once you manage to create some space from the defenders, your ability to shoot improves. 
  • Spot Finder (Gold): Once you release the ball, this badge allows you to get open successfully.

B- Tier badges

  • Guard Up (Gold): Once you win the contest against defenders, your ability to perform jump shots increases.
  • Special Delivery (Silver): After successfully receiving a flashy pass, your ally-oop throws improve. 
  • Whistle (Silver): This badge increases your chances of driving fouls when you try to shoot for scoring.

C-Tier badges

  • Break Starter (Silver): Once you score a rebound, your outlet passes chance improves. 
  • Float Game (Gold): This badge improves your ability to score floaters. 

Best animations for Small Forward

For our Small Forward in NBA 2K24, we recommend going for the following animations as this build is heavyweight inspired by none other than LeBron James. 

  • LeBron James 
  • Jason Tatum 
  • A+ release speed
  • A+ release height 
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