NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras Guide

MyNBA Eras allows you to play as some of the most decorated basketball players from their respective timelines in NBA...

MyNBA Eras allows you to play as some of the most decorated basketball players from their respective timelines in NBA 2K23. These players were responsible for redefining the professional league with their feats of strengths and achievements.

The mode’s “what if?” scenario is an appealing prospect to both gamers and basketball enthusiasts alike. MyNBA Eras allows players to create a franchise that is set either in the modern day or in any of three iconic basketball eras of the past.

NBA 2K23 features four different eras for you to relive. The following guide will explore more about the MyNBA Eras game mode, featured timelines, what they entail and how you can play acquire and play them.

The Magic vs. Bird Era

The Magic vs. Bird era takes you back to the retro timeline of the 1980s where arguably two of the best teams collided with each other to see who gains the throne of supremacy.

In this era, you’ll see the rise of the young prospect, Michael Jordan, the banning of zone defense, the move of the San Diego Clippers to Los Angeles in 1984, and the Kansas City Kings moving to Sacramento in 1985.

Keeping the eighties’ view in perspective, the entire presentation is dedicated to that era as you’ll have a vintage look on your screen when playing the Magic vs. Bird era with different floors, retro jerseys and to top all of that, a nostalgic commentary team.

The Jordan Era

Michael Jordan, one of the biggest names in NBA history, is one of those players who has made several accomplishments on the court in a short period.

A few of his historical achievements include being a Rookie of the Year, Five-time NBA MVP, Six-time NBA champion, Six-time NBA Finals MVP, and a Ten-time All-NBA First Team.

Jordan was at the peak of his career during the 90s therefore, this era focuses on that run of his career.

When playing the Jordan era, you’ll see the Back to Basket declared illegal in 1999 while hand-checking is allowed in 1996 with zone defense being made legal in the year 2001.

With all of these new rules added to the decade, you’ll have new floors, the 90’s presentation, and updated jerseys.

The Kobe Era

Michael Jordan isn’t the only NBA legend who has his era in the game. The late great Kobe Bryant also has an entire era dedicated to him.

The Kobe era takes you to the early 2000s when social media was on its rise which put the NBA on the mat by expanding the NBA league into six distinctive divisions.

Kobe’s era influenced the rules of the sport that are still present in the current era of basketball, making the Kobe era one of the most influential eras of all time.

When playing the Kobe era, you’ll see a drastic change in the visual presentation, with sharp HD video footage, a new commentary booth along with the newly introduced instant replay feature added in 2002, the first round of the playoffs in 2003, and the Sonics rebranded in the year 2008.

The Modern Era

Speaking of the modern Era, the entire era has been featured in the MyNBA Eras mode in NBA 2K23.

This era takes place from the late 2010s when the Nets were rebranded in 2012. We saw the introduction of a more manageable timeout system in 2017, the allowance of coaches to make challenge calls in 2019, and fixed scoring endings introduced by NBA All-Star.

During this era, you’ll see the rise of modern players, a new commentary booth, new courts, the latest featured jerseys, and the entire modern setup of the NBA.

How to get Eras in NBA 2K23?

The newly revamped NBA 2K23 Eras game mode is only available on next-generation consoles. Since the NBA 2k23 MyNBA Eras game mode isn’t available on the PS4 and Xbox One, many fans are disappointed with its omission.

MyNBA Eras isn’t featured on the PC version of the game as well and considering that many PCs boast greater spec power compared to the current-gen consoles, this is certainly an interesting choice.

But those with access to game mode can do so by heading to the game’s Main Menu and selecting MyNBA Eras. Next, select the first option MyNBA.  Create a new Save file and continue.

Players can then choose to play any of the four Eras discussed earlier.

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