How To Use/Spend MVP Points In NBA 2K23

If you have started your MyCareer journey in NBA 2K23, you will have noticed something called MVP Points that returns...

If you have started your MyCareer journey in NBA 2K23, you will have noticed something called MVP Points that returns with the new installment with a little twist.

MVP Points are basically another type of currency. They are the same as VC, the traditional currency of every NBA 2K game, in the sense that both currencies are tied to your MyCareer mode.

However, MVP Points are for a different purpose altogether. The following guide will explain further what MVP Points are and how you can spend them in NBA 2K23.

What are MVP Points 2K23 and how to get them?

In NBA 2k23, MVP points are simply your ticket to access the Penthouse and the Zipline in the city. The whole ticket costs 1,000,000 MVP points. There is a progress bar of the MVP Points on the screen, and it will need 1 Million MVP points to make it 100%.

When you earn MVP points in the MyCareer mode, the progress bar on the screen will move a little further. The more you earn the MVP points, the more you are close to getting access to the Penthouse.

You can get MVP points by doing several things in the game such as progressing through the story of MyCareer mode.


MVP points can also be earned from the quest and random non-career gameplay of NBA 2K23. The most popular quests that can do are the Ronnie 2K Rebirth quest and the Welcome to the League quest.

If you are playing in the early game stages, you will not earn as many MVP points. The number of MVP Points you get will increase as you advance in the game.

The Penthouse is supposed to be owned by pro players therefore you might get it at the end of the game. And the same can be said for MVP points.

How to use and spend MVP Points in NBA 2K23

Unlike VC which can spend to upgrade your MyCareer abilities in the game, you cannot spend MVP Points because MVP Points work like a progress bar.

In NBA 2K22, you could unlock the Penthouse and the zipline with 1 million MVP Points. That has changed in NBA 2K23. You do not unlock anything like that, at least not yet.

The only thing you can unlock in NBA 2K23 with MVP Points is 5,000 VC and a bronze statue of your MyPlayer character in the City. That will require you to complete the MVP of the City quest in MyCareer and have 800,000 MVP Points.

That is the only use for MVP Points right now in NBA 2K23. It can be safely presumed that you will have more opportunities to spend MVP Points once the game receives a few seasonal updates.

NBA 2K23 was just recently released and there are still some updates lined up in the pipelines for the MyCareer mode. Hence, keep collecting MVP Points in the meanwhile.

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