How To Use MVP Points In NBA 2K23?

MVP Points are a currency in NBA 2K23 you can use in a variety of ways. Here is how you can use them in the game.

MVP Points are a type of currency in NBA 2K23; they are the same as VC, the traditional currency of every NBA 2K game, in the sense that both currencies are tied to your MyCareer mode. However, unlike VC, you can’t spend MVP Points on cosmetics and attributes.

In this guide, we’ll explain MVP Points and their uses in NBA 2K23 and how they differ from last year’s game. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

How to get MVP points in NBA 2K23?

You can get MVP points by doing several things in the game, such as progressing through the story of MyCareer mode, doing interviews, and completing side quests.

MVP points can also be earned from the quest and random non-career gameplay. The most popular quests that can be done are the Ronnie 2K Rebirth quest and the Welcome to the League quest.

If you are playing in the early game stages, you will not earn as many MVP points. The number of MVP Points you get will increase as you advance in the game.


To check your MVP points go to the city quests section of your menu.

How to use/spend MVP Points in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 MVP Points

Unlike VC which can spend to upgrade your MyCareer abilities in the game, you cannot spend MVP Points because MVP Points work like a progress bar.

The only thing you can unlock with these Points is 5,000 VC and a bronze statue of your MyPlayer character in the City. This will require you to complete the “MVP of the City” quest in MyCareer which requires you to have a total of 800,000 MVP Points.

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