How To Unlock Leadership Skills (Second Skill Slot) In NBA 2K23

Leadership Skills allow you to boost your teammates for a short while in NBA 2K23. You will also need to unlock Leadership Skills to complete the Control The Narrative quest in the game.

Some players might find how to activate leadership skills 2k23 confusing but all you need is to open the MyCAREER mode in the game. You will also need Leadership Points to unlock their second skill slot.

The following guide will explain how to address that problem to unlock Leadership Skills in NBA 2K23.

What are leadership skills in NBA 2K23 next-gen?

In NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, Leadership Skills are perks and benefits that enhance the player’s skills and attributes. Inside the leadership skills tab, there are several skills that look like badges and can be unlocked with the available skill points.

In simple terms, Leadership skills are badges that cannot be unlocked with the regular game currency. But instead, these badges can be unlocked with the available skill points.

Leadership skill does have another difference from regular badges. These skills can also provide a boost in the skill and attribute to your teammates in the MyCAREER mode.

How to choose your leadership style

In the last steps of configuring the MyCAREER mode, you will get a prompt when you save your progress. In this prompt, you will initially get a choice to choose from the two available leadership skills: Trailblazer and General.

There are a total of three Leadership skills but initially, you can only access two skills mentioned above. Once you progress through the MyCAREER storyline, you will unlock the third College Skill after completing the College Flashback Sequence.

How to unlock the second skill slot in NBA 2K23 MyCareer

In order to complete leadership skills 2k23, you must unlock the second skill slot.  You will need 30 skill points to unlock the second skill slot for Leadership Skills.

If you are short on skill points, note that you will have to complete around 10 matches/games to earn around 30 skill points.

That sounds pretty straightforward. However, for some players, there appears to be a bug where NBA 2K23 will not count your skill points. So, you might not be getting any skill points after completing a match.

It remains unknown why and how this bug is happening. You are highly advised to keep an eye on your skill points because there is no point wasting precious time on completing 10 matches when you are not even getting their rewards.

If you notice that your matches are not giving you skill points, immediately content 2K Sports’ support team. NBA 2K23 was just recently released and there are bound to be a few glitches and bugs that the developer would want to iron out in upcoming patches.

Can I pick both Leadership Skills?

NBA 2K23 will force you to pick one of two available Leadership Skills during every College flashback. The skill you choose will be available for use in your future games. The skill you abandon or do not choose will be gone forever.

There is no way for you to go back and change your choices or unlock all of the Leadership Skills in MyCareer that you previously ignored. Hence, choose wisely.

If you know how to get drafted in round 1, use that to join your dream team and start unlocking your Leadership skills.

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