NBA 2K23 How To Fast Travel In The City

The City has reduced in size by nearly 30 percent in NBA 2K23 compared to last year. You can still, however, expect to cover a lot of ground while traveling from one location to another.

You previously had to use bikes and skateboards (or walk) for miles before being able to unlock a spawn location. That has been changed in NBA 2K23. You can now access a more efficient way to fast travel in the City to save precious time.

The following guide will tell you how to fast travel in NBA 2K23 for your various missions and challenges.

How to ride the subway in NBA 2K23

There are a number of subway stations in the City that you can use for fast traveling. You just need to open the map to see the closest subway station.

Once there, find a station closest to your intended destination. Thankfully, the City has been designed in a way that there is always a subway station close to most of the important locations or markers.

Simply select a subway station to fast travel there in seconds. The following are all of the fast traveling locations in the City:

  • North Station
  • Knights Station
  • Arena/One City Plaza
  • Wildcats Station
  • The Block
  • West Mall Station
  • East Mall Station
  • Vipers Station
  • Event Center
  • Beasts Station

Remember that each subway station acts like a spawn location. You do not have to fast travel every time. When you reload the game to get back into the City, you will automatically spawn at the closest subway station in your area. That is something to note when exiting the game or when you decide to take a break.

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