NBA 2K23 “Failed To Log In To 2K Sports” Error Fix

NBA 2K23 has just been released and as is the fate of all newly released multiplayer games, there are bound to be a few errors, technical or otherwise.

If you are using its MyNBA2K23 app to keep track of news and updates, chances are that you have faced an annoying error when trying to link your platform of choice with the companion app.

Several players have been reporting facing an error message that reads failed to log into 2K Sports when trying to run the app. If you are one of them, the following guide will tell you how to fix that error.

How to fix the “failed to log into 2K Sports” error for MyNBA2K23

MyNBA2K23 is a companion app that you can do without but generally serves as an extension of the game. For most players, the app is only worth downloading on your smartphones and devices to redeem locker codes and scan your face into the game.

You cannot do that though if you are facing the aforementioned error because you need to first link your platform to the app.

Some players have discovered that the failure to log into the app happens if you do not have an active NBA 2K23 save file on your platform. Hence, players are advised to have a save file on their platforms before downloading and linking the companion app.

Unfortunately, that is the only community-found workaround currently available. Considering the number of players facing this error, 2K Sports is most probably going to fix the bug with a future update.

Until then though, you can either try the aforementioned workaround or test your luck at trying to link it again and again until your request goes through.

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