NBA Dime Magazine Cover 2K23 Quest Guide

The Dime Magazine Cover quest in NBA 2k23 has you take pictures to feature on the magazine cover. Here is how to do that.

Building your baller reputation in NBA 2K23s MyCareer involves conquering various quests throughout The City. While most are clear-cut, the Dime Magazine Cover quest throws some curveballs. The vague description mentions “standard photo or selfie daily quests,” leaving you wondering where to point your camera.

This guide will help you capture the perfect shots. We will discuss the marked location on your map, address a potential glitch, and offer solutions to ensure you land that coveted Dime Magazine cover.

Where to take selfies for the Dime Magazine Cover 2k23 quest?

The quest requires you to take selfies but at certain locations. You cannot head to any random store with your camera and mug. You need to locate the correct one using the map.

How to find the correct stores?

To find the correct store, you need to take a photo of, head to your map, and check for yellow camera icons. When you find the store, go over to it and click a selfie or a photo of the store.

The only problem is that you might not see these yellow icons every time on your map. They are on a timer and will pop up on their own.

The only thing you can do is keep a sharp eye on your map. Whenever a yellow daily marker pops up, head there quickly and take a selfie for the Dime Magazine Cover quest.

How to take a selfie?

Take out your phone, press left on the d-pad controller, and select the camera icon. Once you have the camera out, click the picture by pressing RB (on Xbox controller) or R1 (on PS). You can also switch the camera to click a selfie.

Dime Magazine Cover glitch fix

Some players have faced a glitch where they are unable to complete the quest even after using their camera at the yellow markers. If you face such an issue, restart your NBA 2K23 and try again, or contact the technical support of NBA 2K. Some players have also fixed the issue by simply going to the yellow markers and completing the daily quests; it will complete the mission.

Rewards for Dime Magazine Cover 2K23 Quest

Once you complete the mission, you will earn the following rewards:

  • +2,500 MVP points
  • +25 corporate
  • +25,000 fans
  • Dime cover
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