NBA 2K23 Dime Magazine Cover Guide

There are a number of quests to complete in the City during your MyCareer journey. NBA 2K23, however, does little to actually explain how you are supposed to complete each task.

While most quests are pretty straightforward, there are some that will leave you scratching your head. For example, the Dime Magazine Cover quest is probably one of such quests.

The quest vaguely tells you to “help out a local business by doing standard photo or selfie daily quests” in the City. If you thought that meant taking selfies at random, think again.

The following guide will tell you exactly how to take your selfies the right way to complete the Dime Magazine Cover quest in NBA 2K23.

Where to take selfies for the Dime Magazine Cover quest

The quest requires you to take selfies but at certain locations. You cannot head to any random store with your camera and mug.

What you need to do is search for daily quests on your map. These will have yellow camera icons for your convenience. Head there and use the in-game camera to take photos or selfies.

The only problem is that you might not see these yellow icons every time on your map. They are on a timer and will pop up on their own.

The only thing you can do is keep a sharp eye on your map. Whenever a yellow daily marker pops up, head there quickly and take a selfie for the Dime Magazine Cover quest.

Something else to note is that a few players have faced a glitch where they are unable to complete the quest even after using their camera at the yellow markers. If you face such an issue, restart your NBA 2K23 and try again.

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