How To Change Affiliations In NBA 2K23

There are a total of four affiliations scattered across the City in NBA 2K23. When you first begin your MyCareer journey,...

There are a total of four affiliations scattered across the City in NBA 2K23. When you first begin your MyCareer journey, the game will assign you a random affiliation. You will not have an option to change your affiliation, at least not at the start.

Do note that the affiliation you are assigned at the start of MyCareer is not influenced by the team you choose to represent. NBA 2K23 will randomly select a starting affiliation for you irrespective of your other choices.

The following guide will tell you how to change affiliation once you have finally started your MyCareer journey in NBA 2K23.

How to change your MyCareer affiliation in NBA 2K23

The four affiliations are located in the four corners of the City and their locations are literally in their names.

  • North Side Knights
  • Beasts of the East
  • Western Wildcats
  • Sout City Vipers

The first step to changing affiliations is to simply make your way to them. You can do this by using fast travel to save time. Head to any subway station on the map and then choose the station closest to your interest affiliation location.

Thankfully, all four affiliations are located near a subway station, so you do not have to worry about roaming the streets.

When you arrive at your affiliation of choice, notice a board outside that reads Transfer Here. Hitting the button prompt is how you put in an Affiliation Transfer Request. You will then see the three affiliations you are not part of.

Confirm your affiliation choice from the screen to put in a request.

How many times can you change affiliations in MyCareer?

Remember that you can change affiliations on the fly during your MyCareer journey. However, there are a few restrictions in place to stop you from changing affiliations too many times. Otherwise, it would look pretty bad on your career image.

Last year’s NBA 2K22 only allowed you to change affiliation once in the first week of a season. Changing affiliations afterward came with a penalty that kept on stacking.

NBA 2K23 likely follows the same rule but since the game is still in its first season, you will have to wait a few more weeks before affirming what kind of penalty the new installment puts on you for switching affiliations numerous times.

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