NBA 2K22 VC Farming Tips

In this guide, we will tell you about some of the easiest and fastest ways of earning and farming VC in NBA 2K22, so that you can collect it quickly.

In NBA 2K22, VC is the essential currency everyone wants to get their hands on. In this guide, we will tell you about some of the easiest and fastest ways of farming and earning VC in NBA 2K22, so that you can collect a whole bunch of it quickly.

NBA 2K22 VC Farming

VC in NBA 2k22 is used for a variety of things ranging from building up your My Player to buying card packs for My Team (30 of which are needed to unlock the auction house).

While you can always purchase VC with actual money, there are some farming techniques you can use to grind out the VC efficiently. Let’s take a look at the best way to farm Virtual Coins in NBA 2k22 below.

Best Way to Farm VC in NBA 2K22

Simply start a new game and go to My Career. Here you can see that you have about 10 slots to save in.

Now what you have to do here is create a build or you can even use the build you already have. The only thing you need to be sure of is the build you are using is always going to be a fresh player.

Once done with that, the next thing you have to do is load into the city and dismiss the message you see on the screen.

After that move to the guy sitting there named Ricky. Talk with this guy and once you are done talking to him you will get the 250 VC.

Once you see the 250 VC added what you have to do is simply quit back to the My Career.

Again, here select the next free slot to choose the build and repeat that process of talking to Ricky and you will get another 250 VC.

Just repeat this process till all the slots are filled and you will make around 2500 VC within few minutes. This is the easiest and fastest way of earning VC in NBA 2K22.

Play the Blacktop Matches

Another method of earning VC pretty quickly is playing the Blacktop matches. You have to do something here as well. The first thing you need to do is from the dashboard select the features tab.

In features, you will see the option of CPU / USER SLIDERS right next to the SETTINGS.

Select the CPU / USER SLIDERS option and make sure that 3PT Success is set to 100. After that go to setting and make sure that game speed is also set on 100.

Once done select the Blacktop and here you can select 1V1 against anybody, but it has to be 21 point games. But this will be pretty fast once you have the ball you just have to shoot it to save time.

You don’t have to play defensive at all. Just score the 21 points quickly and you will earn 200 VC. You can earn as much VC as you want with this method.

Use the NBA 2K22 App

The NBA 2K22 app gives out free VC to players daily. All you need to do is download the app and log in to it every day to redeem your VC.

And it doesn’t just end there. You can also play minigames on the app every day to earn more VC. These minigames will only take about 10-15 minutes to play and they’ll reward you with a considerable amount of VC.

Through the daily reward and minigames, you can earn up to 600 VC every day through the NBA 2K22 app.

Answer Questions on NBA 2KTV

Each episode of 2KTV has a questionnaire that pops up while you’re loading into the game where you can answer simple questions and earn VC as a reward.

For each correct answer you give, you’ll gain 200 VC. There are even some survey questions that give you VC just for answering the questions.

Before you attempt the questionnaire, you can simply just look up the answers on Google. This way, you’ll be able to get all the answers right and earn yourself 1000-2000 VC.

Play the “Play Now Online” Mode

The “Play Now Online” mode is another simple way of farming VC. In this mode, you’ll be matched up against a random player online and you’ll be able to choose what team you play.

For each game you play in this mode, you’ll earn 400 VC just for completing the game. And if you win a game, you’ll earn an extra 150 VC.

If you climb up the ranks in this mode, you’ll also gain extra VC as you keep playing.

Complete the MyCareer Daily Challenge

If you open up the MyCareer menu and look under the tab named “The Neighborhood”, you’ll see a challenge that you have to complete within 24 hours to earn 1000-5000 VC.

This challenge refreshes every day and it isn’t all that difficult to complete, so it is yet another easy and straightforward way to farm more VC.

Play the Daily Trivia

If you open up your in-game phone while you’re in the MyCareer neighborhood, you’ll see that there’s a 2K Daily Trivia event that takes place every day at a set time.

In this event, you’ll be given a question to answer. When you answer it correctly, you’ll be presented with another question. If you answer every single question correctly, you’ll be rewarded with a cut from the prize pool.

The questions will not just be about basketball. They can also be related to history or science etc.

The prize pool for this event is insanely big, sometimes rewarding the winner more than a million VC, so make sure to attempt it every day.

Visit the Old Gym

The Old Gym presents players with another quick and easy way to earn VC. At this gym, you can play 3v3 games that grant VC as a reward.

What makes these games easy is that there won’t be any squads in them. Meaning, your matches will start up quickly and you won’t be playing against any crazy squads.

These 3v3 matches will take less than 10 minutes to finish and you’ll earn around 400 VC per match, so make sure to play a match at the Old Gym whenever you can.

Do the Daily Spin at the Arcade

If you visit Jeff’s 2K Arcade in the MyCareer neighborhood, you’ll see that there’s a wheel inside that you can spin to earn rewards for free.

You can spin this wheel once every day and it offers a wide variety of rewards, including VC. If you’re lucky and you land on the VC on this wheel, you can get a few thousand VC from it.

And when you reach higher levels, you’ll be able to spin this wheel multiple times a day

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