NBA 2K21 Kobe Bryant Build Guide

NBA 2K21 offers a MyPlayer Builder that you may use to create your ideal player. In this NBA 2K21 Kobe Bryant build guide, we’ll be showing you how to use the MyPlayer Builder to create the late Kobe Bryant.

NBA 2K21 Kobe Bryant Build

Kobe Bryant is one of the top players in the game, and was definitely at the top of his career when he was playing in the NBA, may his soul rest in peace.

Building Kobe in the MyPlayer Builder is one of the more challenging tasks, but possible nonetheless.

We might not be able to get the ideal Kobe Bryant, but the end-result should be close enough.

Let’s get right into building Kobe Bryant for the NBA 2K21.

Physical Profile

Kobe was a formidable opponent to be against in NBA, and to match his Physical Profile, we’ll have to select the pie chart that gives him the most Speed and Vertical.

Selecting the correct pie chart, you should be left with the following attributes in your Physical Profile,

  • Speed: 87
  • Strength: 56
  • Acceleration: 86
  • Vertical: 95


Aspiring to be like Kobe Bryant, you will have to become an unbreakable wall of defense against your enemies. Not only that, but you need to be decent enough with ball handling, defense and finishing.

The pie chart that we’ll be selecting for this will be the one that gives us an equal yet high combination of Defense/Rebound and Finishing.

The remaining points should be equally distributed into Playmaking and Shooting.


Here’s what we’ve boiled down dividing the potential for our Kobe Bryant build.

For Finishing,

  • Close Shot – 90
  • Driving Layup – 91
  • Driving Dunk – 91
  • Standing Dunk – 42
  • Post Hook – 48

Invest mostly into Free Throw, secondly Post Fade followed by Mid-Range Shot and Three-Point Shot,

  • Free Throw – 75
  • Post Fade – 72
  • Mid-Range Shot – 68
  • Three-Point Shot – 58

When working your attributes out for Playmaking, make sure to keep Baal Handle just a little bit more than Pass Accuracy,

  • Ball Handle – 79
  • Pass Accuracy – 76

Once you’ve finally come to Defense/Rebound start off by maxing out Steal, and follow that up with Lateral Quickness, Perimeter Defense and Defensive Rebound,

    • Perimeter Defense – 85
    • Lateral Quickness – 84
  • Steal – 86
  • Block – 54
  • Defensive Rebound – 72

Body Shape

Since Body Shape doesn’t matter, we’ll be focusing on adjusting the other features.

  • Height: 6’5”
  • Weight: 175 (Minimum)
  • Wingspan: 77”
  • Takeover: Shot Creator/Slasher


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