NBA 2K21 Beginners Tips

Getting started but confused by all the new systems or new to the franchise entirely? This NBA 2K21 Beginners Tips will help you out

The new NBA 2k21 is here and with it come changes. Changes to the shooting mechanism and controls mean that even older players of NBA 2k franchise have to revamp their understanding of the controls. But don’t worry, our NBA 2K21 Beginners Tips will get you up to speed so that you can start dominating the court in no time

NBA 2K21 Beginners Tips

Keep an eye on Shot Meter
First and foremost, practice keeping your eye on Shot Meter. This is the meter that starts to fill up as you shoot.

Now the key here is precision, when you press the action button the meter will start filling and there will be small window in terms of a small yellow bar on the meter.

If you are able to release the button right when the meter is at yellow bar, it will glow green and you will be able to make a perfect shot. So, keep an eye out for that.

You can also tweak the shot meter settings to better suit your view.

Go to the main menu and then controller settings and you will see ‘shot meter’ option. From there you can even turn the shot meter on or off as well as change it to free throws only.

Take time with shots
Most players make this mistake of shooting at unnecessary times and if they see no good position, they still force their shots. This approach never helps and only make things worse.

Now you have to learn what every player of your team is good at and use them to your advantage. You have to learn how to make your team play as one unit and not just rely on a few players.

Then you have to play around, not every shot is worth taking when there are some hands in front of you or there are some players rubbing against you.

Make another pass, go around and then shoot. This will make you unpredictable and you will be able to take the opponent off guard.

Hot Spots
Another very useful thing in the game is hot spot meter. What you need to do is get to the practice mode and do some practice with your shots. Then press select to open the hot spot.

It will show you the areas in the zone from where you shoot best. Knowing these areas will help you a lot in the game and your shooting effectiveness will improve.


Regular Behind the back
At the elbow angle, it works very well. It is very powerful when done right. Learn to use it in the practice mode. Just make sure to press turbo the whole time. Flick right stick to right and push left stick to left to make a behind the back.

This is just a behind the back but instead of going back it goes between the legs. You just have to flick the sticks up and down.

Now these are two of the very good moves in dribbling and players don’t use them as often.

Anyways, what you need to keep in mind is that always keep the momentum going and use it to make some moves.

Always keep pressing the turbo to eradicate all the unnecessary movements of the players.

When you have the momentum throughout the play while doing BHB or splitter, use that momentum and speed to your advantage and shoot.


Timing is Important
Practice this as much as you can in the Practice mode as timing is the most important factor in effective passing. And passing is the best option to keep the game in your control when opposite team is pushing. It will also be very effective when you are pushing and opposite team’s defenders are at you.

Pump Fakes
One of the most underrated features in the NBA games is the Pump fake. This will put your opponent in a risky position as well as give you time to reposition. Use it by pressing square whenever you can.

Defense Tips

Know your Opponent
In the defense, reading your opponent’s mind is very important and will give you a visible edge on the opponent.

Use fake passes and pump fakes to throw your opponent off track as well as keep them off guard. Read their playing style and predict their next moves and counter them.

Defense is a tricky part of the game and you have to pe precise in passing and faking and shooting. So, the more you practice, the better you will get.

Offense Tips

Pick and Roll
Pick and roll is a very useful move and people don’t take full advantage of it most of the time. Where a simple pass and shoot fail, pick and roll will save the day. Press and hold L1 to start and then press R1 to roll.

MyTeam Tips

  • There are free players in MyTeam temporarily, they can be unlocked with temporary locker codes. So, keep yourself up to date with locker codes to get free players.
  • There are different tasks and challenges in the MyTeam that can earn you players as well.
  • Collect 10 players in each tier set and you will be able to unlock next tier with tokens.
  • In the community marketplace of MyTeam you can also buy some cards that can increase in value and give you some good players.
  • After making a good enough lineup by getting players with all those above tips, now if you are confident enough, take the team to the MyTeam Unlimited. Here, you will grow even faster by completing challenges that come your way daily, weekly and monthly