NBA 2K19 Promoting Price Fixing In the Auction House By Creating Fake Terms

It's being reported that many players are getting banned in NBA 2K19 for using auction house. A user has got permanently banned for manipulating the system.

NBA 2K19 is now available and it’s been in the news a lot lately due to the number of bugs. And also now for banning players permanently for using the built-in auction house market.

Several users of NBA 2k19 have reported that they have suffered a ban when they buy or sell in the auction market. This ban usually occurs when you buy basketball players at a low price once the auction house timer refreshes. One user on ResetEra reports that he was banned for “auction house sniping”. The term has never been heard by the community so 2K had to properly explain it

Auction house sniping is when you wait till a few seconds before auction house timer refreshes, then buying high valued cards for a low price (using MT points).

The user then tried to reach out the customer support to discuss the issue and they were not able to give a clarification of how it actually happened.

He kept trying till he got a response from the customer service to describe this auction house sniping term. According to 2K,  “it can include, but is not limited to purchasing or selling cards for more or less than the average amount the card is worth”.

We had no idea that this type of limitations  exist in NBA 2K19. The user’s account which was worth $100 is now totally wasted just for selling items at a better price than the competition. It’s weird as this is the actual purpose of the auction house in NBA 2K19.

In auction markets, people always intend to modify the prices the way they want but surprisingly this doesn’t work in the NBA game. Most of the players are very unhappy about this situation as 2K Sports never mentioned that the players could get permanently banned for manipulating the market.

This incident is all over the internet and we hope that it reaches 2K Sports soon so they realize how stupid it really is. Basically, the player did what was possible in a system like this. This system is also found in other games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 so there’s a lot to learn from.

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