NBA 2K18 Passing Tips

NBA 2K18 Passing Guide to help learn about this essential mechanic in the game that will help you master this mechanic and secure more wins.

In this NBA 2K18 Passing Guide, we will guide you on passing in NBA 2K18. Passing is an essential element in NBA games and you want to make sure you are passing effectively to win the matches. You cannot expect to win the game by simply using the same player. At some point, you will need to pass the ball onto the player ahead or at the back. We have curated this NBA 2K18 Passing Guide, so you can master the passing in NBA 2K18 and use it effectively to own the competition.

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NBA 2K18 Passing Guide

NBA 2K18 Passing Guide details everything that you need to know about passing in NBA 2K18.

NBA 2K18 Passing Tips and Strategies

In NBA 2K18. Passing is not that hard. You do not need to hold any directional key for the basic pass. By Default, X or Square key is used for passing. Simply tap the key and you will pass the ball to your nearest player. If you keep holding the X button, you will pass the ball to the farthest player from you.

If you look closely at the feet of your player. You will see a white circle facing away from the player. This is the direction where you will pass the ball to. You can change the receiver of the ball by changing the direction of this circle. You can do this by using the Left Stick and choosing a direction.

Rotate the right stick, choose a direction and simply tap or long press the default pass key to send the ball to the receiver.

NBA 2K18 has a new pass mechanic which does not require you to hold the directional keys for basic passing. If you want to just pass the ball to any nearby player, tap or long press the pass key.

Otherwise, for more specific passing, use left stick to aim and then press the pass key to pass the ball. This is pretty easy all you need is practice a bit. Once you get a hold of this new passing mechanic, you will see how easy this new passing mechanic really is.

This concludes our NBA 2K18 Passing Guide. If you want to add anything to guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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