Naughty Dog Announces The Last Of Us 2 Poster And Theme On Outbreak Day

Naughty Dog Studios, the creators of such masterpieces as the Uncharted games and The Last Of Us, have announced that they will be releasing a new The Last Of Us 2 poster and a Playstation 4 theme on “Outbreak Day”. Players will be able to download both bits of content on that date.

In the Naughty Dog mythos, “Outbreak Day” is September 26 (today). It marks the day that the cordyceps infection that nearly destroys civilization in the original Last Of Us game hit critical mass, throwing the world into chaos and driving humanity into walled cities and quarantine zones that do their best to survive against the infected.

The Outbreak Day poster for The Last Of Us 2 involves an arm clutching a hammer in front of a pine forest. The Playstation 4 theme that we’ll be getting for Outbreak Day focuses on an isolated Firefly outpost in the middle of a forest, possibly a destination that we’ll be coming across when the game actually comes out.

The Last Of Us 2 was unveiled at a previous Playstation Experience event a year or two ago, and focuses on an older Ellie and Joel as they continue to travel across the world. However, we know nothing about the story or the setting this time, and Naughty Dog hasn’t unveiled any information about it, not even a release date.

We can expect that the game will likely come out either sometime in 2018 or 2019, but until we actually get some information about the game from Naughty Dog, we’ll just have to sit and wait until we get more information about Last Of Us 2.

If you want to get the new poster and the theme, you can get the poster (and an accompanying t-shirt) off of the official Naughty Dog store. The Last Of Us 2 Playstation 4 theme can be downloaded off of the Playstation store.