Nathan’s Brother Isn’t Playable In Uncharted 4, Says Naughty Dog

In The Last of Us, players were able to control both Ellie and Joel at different points of the game. Some expected that something similar will be the case in Naughty Dog’s current project, Uncharted 4.

We hoped that since Nathan’s brother is making an appearance in the game, we may be able to take control of him as well at some point.

However, that is not the case.

Naughty Dog has stated that Uncharted is all about Nathan Drake and his adventure. Players will only be able to control Drake throughout Uncharted 4.

Moreover, we already know that Uncharted 4 will feature an open-ended level design; which will offer players more freedom compared to previous entries, but don’t expect full-fledged open world Uncharted.

Naughty Dog says that this type of level design will give players more options on how to approach their objective. But still, if players like to just go from point A to B, they sure can play the game in that way.

“It’s more about your style of play,” Says ND.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will release for PlayStation 4 in Spring 2016. The title was originally planned for a holiday 2015 launch, but was delayed due to developer needing more time to develop the game.

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