Names of Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Maps Possibly Leaked

Someone has leaked the alleged names of Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps, and we've got as many details as we can get from them.

With anticipation building for DICE’s upcoming entry to the Battlefield series, Battlefield 1, it’s no surprise that a lot of leaks might be coming out for the game. In this instance, the Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps might have been leaked; or at least their names.

As with all Battlefield games, the core of the gameplay appears to just be on the multiplayer: players will possibly only have six story missions to playthrough, though it’s likely we’ll swap between different soldiers as we go through various theaters of the First World War.

For now, these are the names of the maps that we’ve gotten.

First off is “Asiago Offensive”, which going by the name will be taking place in the Italian Alps. In the First World War Italy mainly fought against Austria and Germany in the Alps. The Battle of Asiago, for which the map appears to be named, was an attempt by the Austrians to break through to the Po River and cut off several Italian armies. It failed.

Next is “Gaza Sands”. Gaza, before the founding of Israel and the various other countries that came from the Ottoman Empire, was a British possession and was the sight of heavy fighting between the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Germany.

Third is “Siege of Damascus”, which will likely be a desert-urban map taking place in the titular city. There was an actual Siege of Damascus in 1918, the last year of the war, when the Allies captured the city from the Ottomans and Germans.

Fourth in the Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps is “Stalemate”, which will likely be fought in the hellish trenches of the Western Front in France.

Fifth is “ANZAC Cove”, possibly a reference to the Battle of Gallipoli, in which the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) suffered heavy losses in a badly planned offensive against Ottoman defenses. It’s likely that this map will be a D-Day style “Storm the beach” map, and will give you command of a battleship’s guns.

Next is “Garden Twilight” which may take place in a big fancy garden likely big enough for a battle, though there’s no word on details for that.

Seventh is “Argonne Shade”, likely a battle in the Argonne Forest like the one where the United States first fought in World War I.

Eighth is “Operation Castlewick”, though we’ve no idea about that one either.

Last but not least is “Scorched Earth”, which may refer to either the Western or Eastern fronts, though we again have no idea.

These names for the Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps are likely not final, but at least if they’re accurate we’ll have some kind of inkling on what each map will be.

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