How to Make a Dedicated Server in Myth of Empires

In this guide, we will tell you how to make a Dedicated Server in Myth of Empires and set up a custom server that you can play with your friends on.

Myth of Empires Dedicated Server

Starting off with the basics. Simply download the game on steam and if you haven’t already, there’s an Autumn sale giving you 10% off. Once the downloading is completed, right-click on the Myth of Empires game icon in your Steam Library.

Upon right-clicking, a drop menu appears showing you a few options to select from. Go to the MANAGE section that takes to another menu from where you’ll be selecting BROWSE LOCAL FILES taking you directly to the MoE local files on your system.

To Manually find the files you can head over to This PC> Storage (local disk where you downloaded the game)> Steam>steamapps> common> Myth of Empires.

In the local files, your main target are two folders: Private Server Tool and Windows Private Server.

Firstly, you’ll be using the Private Server Tool to configure your MoE server. Open the folder and click on PrivateServerTool.exe which opens a Toolbox for you where you can manage your server’s information and store the majority of the data.

Go to the Basic Setting section and input your server information according to your choice. You must feed the Toolbox your Server’s name, password (only if you don’t want random players to join your server), Server Introduction, PvP, PvE.

For the player limit bar, you can stretch up to 100 players in your server. Next up is the Announcement section.

Check the Announcement box and write your own description as to what you want to announce during the start of the gameplay. Your announcement will appear for view on everyone’s screen the moment you join the server.

Then you have the Server ID section which will play a huge role in making servers. If you own more than one server on a physical server then you might want to change the Server ID.

As for the ports, as of now they are on default values however, you can change them to 5893 for Port and 5894 for Closed Server Port (local ONLY archon port).

Lastly, check the GM Account box to move onto the next section of the Toolbox and adjust everything else according to your own need till you reach the last section, Start Control.

Inside that section, you’ll SAVE CONFIGURATION and click on START SERVER when you’re all set and done with your settings.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that upon hitting the Save config option, the Toolbox creates Server Para config.ini files inside the local files of your Private server Tool that display the server IDs inputted in the Start Control section of the toolbox.

Along with that, it also creates a Start Private Sever.bat file giving permission to you for launching your own Myth of Empires Server.

However, for launching the server on a dedicated machine, you must copy-paste the main Private Server Tool and Windows Private Server folders to a new folder named “Myth of Empires” in your Local Disk.

Lastly, just go to the This PC> Storage (local disk where you downloaded the game)> Steam>steamapps> common> Myth of Empires again and edit the .bat file of the server by removing the tasklist line and finally launching the server from your my PC local disk.

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