Myth of Empires Recruitment Guide

In this Myth of Empires Recruitment guide, we will cover everything that you need to know about recruitment and recruiting warriors in the Eastern survival sandbox game, Myth of Empires.

Myth of Empires Recruitment

Recruiting warriors is essential to building your legend and long-term survival in Myth of Empires. It’s absolutely essential, but also tricky. So, below we will explain recruitment in Myth of Empires along with its requirements in detail

What do you need to Recruit Warriors

Recruiting NPCs to your cause requires that you make them obedient towards you. This isn’t as simple as talking to them as some will require you to literally beat and torture them into following you.

Before you set out to find able warriors to torture into servitude, you’ll have to have some things ready to make them more obedient.

To build obedience into NPCs, you’ll need to have a Torture Rack which is the lowest level 1.

For the next level of torture, you have a Painful Torture Rack and at last, you have the Cruel Torture rack which is used for the highest level of torture. Start with Level 1 and make your way to the better ones as required.

Now, you will need some Grilled Meat to feed your NPCs. Feeding your NPCs will make them obedient, so you have to keep them fed.

Next, you’ll need some gear up to tie your chosen NPCs up to the torture rack. For example, you will use Twine for any of the NPCs who are under level 40 and Bronze Chain for any NPCs under level 50.

Crafting Recipes for Recruitment

To get all the items we’ve mentioned above, you’ll need crafting recipes. Go to the recruit tab and there you will see the crafting recipes tab.

Go there and you will see the recipe you are going to need for starting the recruiting in Myth of the Empires.

At the top here you will see the Trap which will give the things which you will need for just starting to recruit the warriors.

The things you will need are unlocked at level 15. You need Twine, Torture Rack, and Simple Club. Once you have these things you start recruiting NPCs.

How to recruit NPCs

To recruit NPCs in Myth of Empires, you have to go to the area where you will find a lot of high-level NPCs like the main city area. It actually depends on you where you want to go and what type of NPC you need.

You can go to the mines to find good mining NPCs, etc. Now what you need to do is find the NPCs using the Monocular and start beating them. Beat them till their HP gets very low and they fall on the ground.

Now you can pick them up and tie them to the back of your horse by using the “E” button. After that bring them to your rack and tie them up. Then you have to wait for their obedience to go up.

You can hit them while they are tied up at the Torture Rack to gain proficiency in recruitment skills. Hitting them will also increase obedience as well.

You can also talk with them to make them part of your team. You just have to wait after that till the obedience gets to 100%.

Once the obedience is 100% you can press E to confirm that the warriors can come off the rack. Now it’s going to say warrior recruited.

You can simply press the Release button of the Torture Rack to release the warrior. By clicking on the warrior, you can name the warrior you just recruited.

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