How To Unlock Zircon Scale Camo In MW3 Zombies

The Zircon Scale has a unique red and scaly texture like a snake. You have to complete certain challenges to unlock it in MW3 Zombies.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 zombies, you can unlock camos for your weapons by completing certain challenges. At first, you’ll get base camos, after which you can get mastery camos. The Zircon scale camo is one of the three MW3 Zombies mastery camos.

Follow our guide of getting the required weapon camo if you wish to get it in your game.

Unlocking Zircon Scale Camo in MW3 Zombie 

Just like Platinum, Spinel Husk, and Forged Camo, the Zircon Scale belongs to the MW3 Zombies mastery bundle. To unlock these camos, you have to do massive grinding and complete the Golden Enigma challenges. Before unlocking this skin, ensure you have the relevant punched weapon you wish to upgrade and start your killing spree. 

You need to complete the following steps to unlock this camo: 

  • Complete 4 base camos on a MW3 weapon in Zombies mode
  • Complete the golden enigma challenges on a chosen weapon. 
  • Complete additional golden enigma challenges for weapons belonging to the same category. 
  • Complete the zircon scale challenge of achieving a killing spree of 300 in zombie mode while it’s Pack-a-Punched. 
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