How To Get The Scorcher In MW3 Zombies

The Scorcher is one of the most wanted weapons in MW3 Zombies that fires a laser beam frying everything in range. Here's how to get it.

The Scorcher is a Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies. This particular gun is very controversial among the COD community. Some think that it is the best crowd-control gun to exist, while some believe that it is simply impractical.

The Scorcher is a gun that shoots a single laser beam in a straight line. It works similar to the Wunderwaffe DG-2 ammo. This laser beam will travel straight through the zombies, stunning them in their place and stripping them of their health. This guide will tell you how to get it.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes work solely on the RNG factor of the game, and a gun cannot be coerced out of it. However, a notable thing is that the longer a match lasts, the percentage of a Wonder Weapon drop rises. It is not promised that you will get the Scorcher this way, but you are still welcome to try your luck. 

Completing Legacy Fortress

The Legacy Fortress is a painstaking mission that comprises three steps. It is impossible to run solo through this mission, and you will need to bring out some heavy damage-dealing machinery for this one. You will not only encounter enemies but some AI human enemies equipped with riot shields as well.

Clear the Legacy Fortress in MW3 Zombies to get your hands on a Scorcher.

Completing random contracts

One of the effective ways players have obtained this weapon is through completing contracts and bounties in the High-threat zone. It will drop through a reward rift with its case. An important thing to remember here is that if you open the case and use the gun in your current game, the gun will turn into Bonus XP after you exfil successfully.

If you choose to keep the case as is, you can reserve it for a later game and spawn with this weapon. This case is a one-time use only and depends on you when you want to use it. 

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