MW3 Zombies Saboteur Mission Walkthrough

The Saboteur mission becomes available once you hit tier 3 in Act 1 of Call of Duty MW3 Zombies. Here is how to complete it.

The Saboteur mission can be unlocked once you have hit the Tier III mark in Act 1 of MW3 Zombies. The objectives of this mission are quite straightforward. They require little to no effort to complete. The mission will be easy to complete if you bring a squad board. But it can be run through solo as well. You will need to know all the details to complete this mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.


The following are the objectives needed to ensure the mission is a success; 

  • Complete an Aether Extractor Contract 
  • Kill 15 mercenaries 
  • Shoot down a reinforcement helicopter 
  • Exfil with the Aether Plans 

Pre-mission prep

When prepping for this mission, we suggest you keep a rocket launcher instead of any other secondary weapon to have an easy shot at downing the helo. If not, we suggest keeping a Pack-a-Punched gun with a minimum level of 1. The rest of the mission will not require such heavy firepower but destroying the helicopter will be tough. 

Aether Extractor Contract

When starting the game, look for the Aether Extractor Contract on your map upon deployment. Mark it and activate to start the Saboteur mission. You will be required to overload and kill three Aether Extractors heavily guarded by both zombies and mercenaries. You can pick up the mercenary kills here and complete both objectives simultaneously. 

Another one of your objectives will show up in the form of a helicopter. This helo will keep returning with reinforcements if you don’t destroy it. Choose the gun you prefer to keep with you here and shoot down the helicopter, completing your 3rd objective. 

Collect the Aether Plans

As you destroy the 3rd Extractor, a rift will spawn, dropping the Aether plans. Collect them and head towards an Exfil Point to complete the mission. If you bring a squad, prepare them and board the helo as soon as it lands to avoid losses. Once the exfil is successful, the mission will be marked complete. 


The following are the rewards that can be obtained after the Saboteur mission is completed successfully in MW3 Zombies. 

  • Hamlet Charm 
  • 1500 XP 
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