How To Repair A Tire In MW3 Zombies 

While driving around a vehicle in MW3 Zombies, you may get a flat tire and will need to repair it in MW3 Zombies. Here is how to do it.

While mowing down hordes of zombies, you’ll eventually find a vehicle that will help you get around quickly. But as you drive, you will run into the problem of a flat tire. It can be frustrating because you won’t be able to move around with one. Now you will need to repair a tire to use your vehicle in MW3 Zombies.  

Below, we have shared a few methods that will tell you how to repair your vehicle when you need it the most.  

How To Repair Tire 

repair tire mw3 zombies
  • To repair a tire, head to a safe place where you won’t get attacked, and then get out of the vehicle.  
  • Crouch down and approach the blown-out tire. 
  • You will be prompted to “Repair Tire”.
  • Hold down the Repair Tire Button and you will notice the tire will be fixed in MW3 Zombies.

Additional Methods 

repair tire at refueling station mw3 zombies

Another method that you can use to repair your tire is by heading to the refueling station. Once you are there, stop your vehicle there for a few seconds. You will notice the tire will be repaired while the rest of the vehicle gets refueled and repaired in MW3 Zombies.  

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