How To Get Ray Gun In MW3 Zombies

There are a few different ways to get the Ray Gun in MW3 Zombies. From crafting it, using RNG, to clearing the Fortress.

 Ray Gun has been a fan favorite of the Zombies mode in Call of Duty, and this time, it’s stronger than ever you do not want to miss trying it out. Getting a Ray Gun, while rewarding, is highly dependent upon the MW3 Zombies RNG system. This can be quite hectic if you don’t know what to look for.  

Below are some of the most effective methods that you can use to increase your chances of the Ray Gun’s drop rate and acquire it almost every time in Zombies mode. 

Mystery Boxes In MW3 Zombies 

mw3 zombies mystery boxes

The first and the most common method to get your hands on the Ray gun is by getting it from the Mystery Boxes that spawn randomly across the map. These are random and so is the loot they provide, so you cannot always rely on them for a guaranteed drop of a ray gun.  

In order to get rewards from the Mystery box, you need to have 950 essence to spend on it. Do so and it’ll drop a reward for you. This might or might not contain a Ray Gun, depending upon your luck. 

Schematics In MW3 Zombies 

While this won’t be the ideal option to get a Ray Gun, it certainly is effective. You can attempt to craft a Ray Gun using the Schematics in MW3 Zombies Mode. There is still a bit of RNG involved so you have to give it a few tries before you can get one.  

To get a Rare Ray Gun Schematic, you must look for Bounty contracts, such as the Abomination Mini-Boss. After killing him a few times, you will get a drop of schematic from him, which you can use to craft the Ray Gun.   


Clearing The Fortress In MW3 Zombies 

mw3 ray gun fortress

The last and the best way to get a confirmed Ray Gun in most of your runs in Zombies mode is by clearing a Tier 2 zone in Fortresses. Before clearing a Fortress, you first need to raid a Mercenary Stronghold and clear it out. This will reward you with a fortress key, which you can then use to unlock the fortress.  

In case you want to save time, you can also craft this key, but make sure you have enough points. You must have 2000 points to craft it. 

Once you’re into the Fortress, keep clearing the enemies until the legacy soldier arrives, which will be a boss battle. A rift will spawn upon defeating him and drop rewards, one of them will be a ray gun.  

Now, ensure you don’t equip this Ray Gun; otherwise, you will lose access to it in the next match. Exfil it in your inventory to be added to your stash. You can equip it at the start of your next game. This is the most effective method to play with Ray Gun, and have over 90% chance to acquire it in almost every match.  

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