MW3 Zombies Precious Cargo Weapons Guide 

Precious Cargo is a mission MW3 Zombies where you begin with no weapons. However, you'll have plenty of chances to find some as you play.

Heading to the second mission in MW3 Zombies, Precious Cargo has many collectible weapons and items waiting for you. to gear up your arsenal and set out on the task. The mission begins with the player having no weapons. So, you must loot and uncover the map to locate weapons and items scattered around the dock.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find the 21 collectibles of Precious Cargo! 

MW3 Zombie Precious Cargo Weapons Locations  

Let’s look at all 21 precious cargo weapons and their precise location. 

mw3 zombies precious cargo weapons inspection

Silenced WSP Swarm 

On the east side of the starting location, you will find the Silenced WSP Swarm inside an Arms shipping container inside the Shadow Company. 


You will find MTZ-559 Precious Cargo weapon in the same container in MW3 Zombies. 

Recon Drone 

Just outside the arms shipment container, head to the east side and get into the container; you will find the recon drone there. 


Silenced Rival 9 

Once the Recon Drone is collected, stick it on the east side at the center of the map. You will get Silenced Rival 9 precious weapon on the top of a stack at the shipment container in MW3 Zombies. 

Silenced Expedite 12 

Move to the southwest corner of the map; you will find Silenced Expedite 12 inside a light blue shipment container. 

Heartbeat Sensor 

After collecting Silenced Expedite 12, move slightly north, facing the light green container beside a white tray-back truck; you will get the heartbeat sensor there. 

556 Lcarus 

You will find a small warehouse surrounded by shipment containers on the southern area of the map. You will get 556 Lcarus inside the warehouse. 

Snapshot Pulse 

In the same warehouse where you found 556 Lcarus, move to the northwest corner, and you will find the Snapshot Pulse. 


Go to the rooftop of the same shipment container; you will find the PILA launcher there. 

Pulemyot 762 

Head to the Harbor Tower building and go to the third floor; you will find a room at the end of the hallway, where you will discover Pulemyot 762. 


In the same building, you will find RPK in the second room. 

Explosive Victus XMR 

Go to the rooftop of the Harbor Tower building; you will find Explosive Victus XMR along the catwalk. 

Munitions Box 

Go to the Harbor Tower building storage room on the ground floor to get the Munition box. To enter the storage room, use the main entrance or exit door. 

Silenced ISO Hemlock 

Exit the Harbor Tower and move northeast; you will find a building surrounded by several gas tanks. Head inside to find Silenced Iso Hemlock. 

Hybrid STB 556 

Move to the center of the map; you will find a small office building a bit north. Next to the building will be shipping containers. Here, you will find Hybrid STB 556. 


Exit the building in which you found Hybrid STB 556 and climb to the container heading west. You will find BAS-B on the northern edge. 

GS Magna 

Head to the northwest corner of the map, and you will find GS Magna Precious Cargo weapon among a small corridor of shipment containers in MW3 Zombies. 


Stay in the northern region; you will see a yellow container crane just east of the office building where you found Hybrid STB 556. Climb the set of ladders to make your way to the Signal 50 supply crate. 

Incendiary Bryson 800 

Get to the middle of the cargo ship; you will see a small building on the left side of the ship; make your way inside to find Incendiary Bryson 800. 


While entering the cargo ship from the front door with a no smoking sign, you will find RGL-80 in the first room to your left.  

KVD Enforcer 

Head to the control room of the cargo ship to find the KVD Enforcer. 

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