MW3 Zombies Perks Locations Guide

Fans of the CoD Zombies franchise will be familiar with perks and their usefulness. In MW3 Zombies, they are necessary for survival so keep your eyes open for perk-a-cola machines.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 gives its fans another thrilling experience as the army of undead moves toward the open world. They are now smarter, have improved strategy, and are deadlier with a singular purpose to bring you down. To fight the zombies in MW3, you will need some perks.

These perks buff players with extraordinary abilities like increased health or speed, quick revive, and much more! This guide contains all the details of perks, location, and where to get them. 

MW3 Zombies Perks Explained

Keep your arms and perks ready to fight the undead hordes as you enter the battlefield. Here are the nine perks you should be looking to save in your inventory: 

  1. Juggernog: This helps in recovering from damage and increasing health. 
  1. Quick Revive: This halves the time to revive an ally or reduce the health regeneration delay by half. 
  1. Speed Cola: It increases weapon reload and armor plate usage. 
  1. Stamin-Up: Increases running and sprint speed. 
  1. Elemental Pop: Each bullet has a chance to use a random ammo mod effect. 
  1. PhD Flopper: Creates explosion as you fall; the higher you fall, the greater the explosion. But it only affects the enemies. 
  1. Deadshot Daiquiri: Gives the enemy significant damage by movie ADS to its critical location. 
  1. Death Perception: Hidden enemies, drop items, and resources can be spotted easily.  
  1. Tombstone Soda: If you die during a mission, it creates a tombstone and stores the backpack and inventories so you can retrieve them in the next game. 

MW3 Zombies Perks Location 

MW3 Zombies has randomized the perks locations, so you might not find them at any usual place. Though frustrating as it sounds, it gives the players a frantic experience of exploring the thrilling battlefield.

But here’s the good news: unlike the previous parts, MW3 has no restriction on the number of perks you stock. If you get shot, you don’t lose any perks until you completely bleed out. 

How to Get Zombie Perks in MW3? 

To get a perk, look for the Perk-a-Cola machines, as they are the best way to get your hands on perks. Keep your eyes open, but remember, due to the randomization factor, you won’t find the same perk twice in the machine.


Another way of your hands-on perks is completing missions and tasks, as the reward list might grant you a free perk. Again, these will be randomized.

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