How To Get Healing Aura Field Upgrade In MW3 Zombies

Healing Aura is an awesome field upgrade in MW3 Zombies that can provide healing in an AOE. Here is how to get, use, and upgrade it.

The Healing Aura is one of the 6 Field Upgrades, which are a new addition in MW3 Zombies. Initially, a Field Upgrade is given to you by default when you start playing. You must unlock the rest of them by leveling up your military rank. 

The Healing Aura unlocks at Level 19 and instantly fills the HP of your squad. It has a long recharge time, but it can be shortened by farming zombie kills.  

What does Healing Aura do? 

The name of this upgrade gives it away. Healing aura will summon healing beams from the sky, which strike you and your squad members. Due to this all of the players can get their lost health back to the fullest. This effect will last for 10 seconds, and any squad member in its range can get this effect.  

To use Healing Aura, make sure you equip it in the Field Upgrades section first before heading into battle. During the battle, you can use the button specific for the Field Upgrades to use this item. 

This item can be upgraded, and many benefits can be reaped from it. 


The Field Upgrades are upgradable with the use of Aetherium Crystals. You can upgrade the Healing Aura to the max level of Tier V in MW3 Zombies. Here are all the upgrades in accordance with their respective tiers:

  • Tier I: a healing effect occurs over your squad, including you (any squad member in range), for 10 seconds. 
  • Tier II: the beam will knock down normal enemies and apply the Stun effect on Special and Elite enemies. 
  • Tier III: the beam will automatically revive any downed squad member. 
  • Tier IV: revived squad members can keep their perks on the decay meter. 
  • Tier V: Beams persist at their initial locations and continue to heal them for 10 seconds. 
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