MW3 Zombies Extraction Mission Guide 

The Extraction mission is a challenging one in MW3 Zombies as you look for Dr Jansen while battling zombies and mercenaries.

The MW3 Zombies Extraction is a thrilling survival mission where you will take out everything from straying zombies to rogue mercenaries. Your task will be to save Dr. Jansen and bring her in for questioning.

This mission will be challenging; so upgrade your weapons and improve your loadouts if you wish to complete it. Follow this step-by-step guide to execute and bring in Dr. Jansen successfully. 

How To Exfil To Dr. Jansen’s Coordinates In MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Dr. Jansen coordinates

As the game begins in zombies mode with the Extraction mission active, you will get an exfil icon on the map with a star next to it in MW3 zombies. This is where you must go to find Dr. Jansen. She won’t be anywhere on the map where you are currently and the game will take you there once you exfil. So head to this icon and the game will take you automatically to these coordinates.

As you enter the exfil location, you will see a Deadbolt turret circuit board to your left. You can use it to clear out enemies where you landed or keep it for the mission’s finale. 

Get to the Communication Tower 

Communication Tower laptop in MW3 Zombies extraction mission

The first thing you need to do in the new location is access Dr. Jansen’s location. The location can be accessed by activating the decryption key in the communication tower. Once you are at the tower, watch the sniper and take him out before activating the laptop.

Focus on taking out the mercenaries first before moving on to the zombies.  Stick around for some time, wait for the tower to activate, and pinpoint Dr. Jansen’s location. 


Finding Dr. Jansen 

From the communication tower, head northwest in the extraction mission in MW3 Zombies. There will be a warehouse with a horizontal zipline connecting both buildings. Move past into the middle of the battlefield on the ground level near the docks. There will be blue dots on the mini-map showing Dr. Jansen’s location. You will find her behind a glass window deleting files from the database. 

Exfil with Dr. Jansen 

extraction mission completed in MW3 Zombies

Once the deletion is done, escort Dr. Jansen to the rooftop helipad. However, this is going to be tricky. If you have got your hands on the Deadbolt turret chip, use it now to eliminate the large enemy reinforcement as it arrives.

After reaching the helipad area, wait for the Exfil chopper to arrive and jump in. With the helicopter taking off, the Extraction mission in MW3 Zombies will end successfully. 

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