MW3 Zombies Essence Farming Guide

You need to get essence in MW3 Zombies if you want to keep buying things. Luckily, there's a way to farm it.

You might need the best defenses if you’re considering standing against the zombies until the end of Modern Warfare 3. This brings us to the topic of “Essence”. Essence is the in-game currency in MW3 Zombies.

It helps the player purchase new equipment, weapons, and mystery boxes. Let’s dive straight into how you are going to farm the essence. 

How to Farm Essence in MW3 Zombies? 

Essence is a valuable resource in MW3. If you are looking for ways to farm essence, here are some healthy tips for you. 

Complete Contracts

Completing contracts is a quick way of gaining essence. Once the contract/mission ends, you will get hands-on loads of essence. The more dangerous a mission is, the greater the reward you will get. 

Kill Zombies

Killing zombies is another way of collecting essence. Use Frenzied Guard to attract the zombies towards you and light them up. Or, if you have a vehicle nearby, use it and run over them. At times, zombies drop multipliers, which double the essence for a short time. Killing zombies is a quick and fast way to bank lots of essence. 

Sell Items

You can earn essence in MW3 Zombies by selling items. 

Essence Containers

Keep an eye open for essence containers on the map, as they can give you around 500 essences at once. 

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