How To Destroy Helicopters In MW3 Zombies 

You will need to destroy helicopters during various stages in MW3 Zombies. It can be hard to do if you don't know. Here's how to do it.

In MW3 Zombies, you must destroy some helicopters to complete a few missions involving mercenaries. This can be done using long-range guns as well as explosive launchers. 

Killing Zombies is a staple thing in MW3 Zombies. However, some missions, such as Crash and Burn, require you to open fire at mercenary helicopters and end everything with a boom. Therefore, it is important to learn the strategy to take them down in MW3 Zombies. Here’s everything you need to know.  

How to Destroy Helicopters 

The best way to take down a helicopter is by shooting at it when it unloads mercenaries. The vehicle is stationary at that time, making it easier to take aim accurately. You should focus on the helicopter instead of the mercenaries it has dropped. If you extinguish it in time, it will automatically cause most mercenaries to die.


Playing with friends or recruits is a great way to destroy a helicopter. So, try to be with some teammates before attempting an Aether Extractor Contract. 

If you are doing the Crash and Burn mission, you must take down three helicopters to complete it. As there are only a few seconds to shoot down one of these, you may miss destroying all three in one Aether Extractor. But fret not; you can have more attempts by taking more contracts. 

Best Weapons to Destroy Helicopters 

launcher destroying helicopter in mw3 zombies

Due to their explosive damage, launchers are the best weapon to destroy helicopters in MW3 Zombies. It takes only a couple of shots from the launcher to take down the flying vehicle. Just make sure you are using it when the helicopter is in a stationary state. 

If you don’t have the above weapon or if the helicopter starts moving, you can switch to LMGs. These are the best for firing at a moving target, because of having higher magazine capacity and long-range shooting potential. Just make sure you have plenty of ammo to do the deed.

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