MW3 Zombies All Buy Stations Locations 

Buy Stations are places where you can spend in game currency in MW3 Zombies to purchase loot, upgrades, and more. Here's how to find them.

Buy Stations, as the name suggests allows you to either buy, upgrade, or sell your current weapons and gears in MW3 Zombies. These stations require in-game currency for the purchase and reward you with high-tier loot.

These buy stations depend upon RNG in every match, but there is a good chance they spawn in certain areas and can be located with the help of the Grey Shopping Cart Icon on the map. Here is how to find these Buy Stations in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

Buy Station Location Sector B1  

The very first Buy Station can be located near the Kotovo Blocks at Sector B1.  

Buy Station Location C1  

This buy station can also be found near Kotovo Blocks but at sector C1 in MW3 Zombies.  

Buy Station Location C2 

You can find this buy station south of Levin Resort at Sector C2.  

Buy Station Location C7 

This Buy station can be found between Sector C7 and D7, close to Zaravan City.  

Buy Station Location E7 

In the very center of Zaravan City and Zaravan Suburbs, you can find this buy station at sector E7 in MW3 Zombies.  

Buy Station Location G6 

In G6 sector, you can find two buy stations that are close to each other. 

Buy Station Location Old Town 

Old Town also hosts two buy stations, one at Sector F4 and the other one at Sector F5.  

Buy Station Location Low Town 

This buy station can be located at Low Town in Sector G5 in MW3 Zombies.  

Buy Station Location Popov Power 

Popov Power Station has 3 buy stations in its surrounding sectors i.e. E3, E4, and F3.  

Buy Station Location Orlov Military Base 

Orlov Military base has 4 different buy station locations in its surroundings. The sectors for these stations are H1, H2, H3, and I2, and you can approach them in any order you want. 

How to Purchase From Buy Station 

To purchase the item at the buy station, you must have the required amount of essence. You can find many items here, like stronghold keycards, armor upgrades, killstreaks, and more. Besides purchasing, you can also sell the equipment you no longer need and get some essence back, which you can use later. 

Zone Items 

In MW3 Zombies, there are 3 zones, each of which has a variety of items: the High Threat, Medium Threat, and Low Threat. The amount of items increases as you move from the lower zone to the higher one. 

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