The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Science Weapon Locations Guide

In this The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Secret Science Weapon Locations guide, we will explain how to find the Secret Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos.

The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Science Weapon Locations

Below we have separately listed the locations of the three different Secret Science weapons that can be found in the Murder On Eridanos DLC.

Udder Buddy

The Udder Buddy is the easiest of the three science weapons to be found. To get your hands on the Udder Buddy, head to the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve and complete the Lost Little Milkmech side quest.

At the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve, talk to Mildred Lenox to start this side quest. In this quest, you will have to kill the Canids which are surrounding Betty the Milkmech.

Then return and talk to Mildred Lenox to finish the side quest and get the Udder Buddy Science Weapon.

The Needler

You get the Needer Science Weapon during the Naked Hunch main quest. This quest automatically starts when you turn in the Administrator Ludovico killer.

While playing the Naked Hunch quest, go to the Rizzo Distillation facility. Enter the facility and infiltrate it. At the gate of the facility, go to the terminal and interact with it to remove the fog from glass panes.

You will meet Halcyon Helen there. Now you will have to make a story choice, to side with Halcyon Helen or Administrator Ludovico.

If you side with Administrator Ludovico, you automatically get the Needler weapon. However, if you side with Helen, you will need Persuasion Level 40 + to get the Needler Science weapon.

If you side with Administrator Ludovico, continue on the quest until you reach the Pilothouse. Here, you will have to fight Halcyon Helen, who will drop the Needler once you kill her.

If you side with Helen, then get out of the distillation facility and head back to the Penthouse in Grand Colonial.

Find and speak with Helen there, and during the dialogue, you will get an option to ask her for the Needler.

You will need Persuasion Level 40 + to get Helen to give you the weapon.

Spectrum Gatling

You get the Spectrum Gatling during At the End of the Spectrum quest. The quest can be obtained in the RR&DD building after you help Dr. Blossom. Go to Blossom’s lab to see her locked inside. Interact with the console and View Lab notes in the console to start the quest.

In this quest, you will have to collect eight types of Spectrum Vodka.

The eight types of Vodka are listed below:

  • Spectrum Green
  • Spectrum Orange
  • Spectrum Blue
  • Spectrum Yellow
  • Spectrum Black
  • Spectrum Red
  • Spectrum Indigo
  • Spectrum Violet

All of these Vodkas are located in Purpleberry Orchard, the area where you started the quest in. Below we have mentioned the locations of all the Vodkas.

Spectrum Green
This Vodka bottle is located in the Nursery Storage. Near the entrance, take a right to find a container that has the Green Spectrum bottle.

Spectrum Orange
This bottle is located in a container located in the Conservatory.

Spectrum Blue
To find this bottle, head to Puzzle hedge in Purpleberry. From the entrance, take a left and then keep moving on until you find the bottle on a table. Inside the hedge will be multiple enemies, so be prepared to fight.

Spectrum Yellow
To find this bottle, go to the Hive. The Yellow vodka bottle is located inside the enclosure in the main building.

Spectrum Black
Head to the destroyed picnic area located west of RR&DD to find the bottle on the ground.

Spectrum Red
The Red Vodka bottle is in the same picnic location where you find the Black bottle.

Spectrum Indigo
This bottle of Vodka is located inside Groundskeeper Shack, which is present west of RR&DD.

Spectrum Violet
The last and final vodka bottle is located inside Dr. Blossom’s office. You will need to obtain the Keycard to the office to enter it.

Once you collect all the vodka bottles, head to the lab and unlock the container to et the Spectrum Gatling science gun.

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