The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Lord of Blight Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of the main mission Lord of Blight in Murder on Eridanos DLC of The Outer Worlds. It will help you navigate all the mission objectives easily and provide descriptions of all the events that occur chronologically.

The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos Lord of Blight

You will unlock the quest Lord of Blight once you complete the Prince of Tossball mission in Murder on Eridanos DLC.


So, once you start the quest, your first objective will be to investigate Sedrick Kincannon. So, head towards the Piraeus Spaceport or just fast travel there, and get to the Harbormaster Office that is to the right of the entrance.

Aileen Roan will be there, so talk to her about meeting Sedrick. Try intimidating her into a proper dialog with Sedrick and then head up the stairs to investigate Sedrick on your own.

Sedrick will direct you towards Ella Tinsley. However, investigate his office first using the Discrepancy Amplifier. There is a book to the left of his office that you should analyze. You will find that it is transmitting to a receiver nearby.

So, head out of Sedrick’s office then and move towards the path to the southeast. You will find the SubLight Freight Storage and Processing facility there. Head inside this building and walk towards the foreman’s office. You will find Ella Tinsley there.

Talk to Ella and she will suggest inspecting the shipping yard while handing you over the SLUG Foreman keycard to gain additional clues from the terminal next to her.

Next, head back to the main Spaceport area and make your way to the northeast of the cantina. Check all the toilets there for a book that contains the receiver-end of the transmitter found in Sedrick’s officer.

Finally, head towards the shipping yard nearby and analyze the area using your Discrepancy Amplifier. It will start beeping as you get close to the Automechanical.

So, interact with the Automechanical and you will receive Hacked Automechanical Datalog. Take all of these collected items back to Sedrick and turn them in. After that, just report back to Administrator Ludovico at the hotel to finish the mission.

You will receive Rizzo’s Reputation, 5000 Bit Cartridge and SubLight Underground reputation as rewards for this mission.