The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry Walkthrough

In this Walkthrough, we will help you complete the “A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry” main quest in Outer Worlds' Murder on Eridanos DLC

A momentary Taste of Purpleberry is an important main quest in The Outer Worlds DLC, Murder on Eridanos, as it drives the game’s main story. In this The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry walkthrough, we will tell you all you need to know about completing the main quest.

The Outer Worlds Murder on Eridanos A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry

This quest involves visiting the exotic Purpleberry Orchards and conducting an investigation and more! Let’s now walk you through it all.


Once you have completed The Last Role of Halcyon Helen, this quest is started automatically. In this quest, first of all, you have to speak with Concierge Halston by going into the hotels’ lobby to get access to your room.

After that, go to the elevator, get to your private suite, and talk with the Administrator using the left side terminal. You need to continue the investigation at the Purpleberry Orchards and after that, travel in the southwest direction by going through the bridge.

You will reach an island across the bridge where you find some corpses and get attacked by Marauders and Canids. Once you have to get rid of them, your Discrepancy Amplifier will inform you about the nearby discrepancies. You will get extra XP by examining them.

After that, move forward in the southwest direction and cross another bridge to reach the orchards.

Talk with Sidney Moyano and Jacob Yarbough

You can talk with Sidney Moyano for some extra clues. After that, head southwest on the road till your Discrepancy Amplifier starts to ring. You will also find the trail of Helen’s after seeing her footprints.

Here you can also talk with Jacob Yarbough on the main way if you want some more clues. Stay on that path till it divides and after that, go on the west side road for more footprints.

Here you will encounter some enemies. Continue to follow the footprints and you will reach the Conservatory.

Here you will find Reynolds, who tells you that Helen had passed from here and go to the RR&DD labs. Get out from here and follow the footprints. The footprints will take you to a picnic spot. You will encounter some hostile humans and animals here; get rid of them pick the RR&DD Access Card from the blanket.

Now go to the RR&DD lab, which you will find north of that area. When you reach the lab, you will be greeted via intercom by Dr. Blossom.

You will find her just behind the lobby and she will need your help before she can tell you anything about Helen’s visit. Get into the lower labs using the elevator.

Here you can knock all employees using the sedative or kill them. On the right, you will find two large doors which will take you to the control room. You will find the terminal for dispensing the sedative on the back wall of the room. You can incapacitate all enemies by activating the sedative. After that, you can loot them all.

Get back to Dr. Blossom

After that came back to Dr. Blossom, but somebody will kill her while you are coming back to her. You have to get her Office Keycard by searching her body. After that, you need to report to Ludovico. You can also find the clues in the lab for extra XP.

Evacuate the Area

After exiting the lab, you will hear an announcement asking the persons to leave the area as the pollenization cycle started. This will give you an optional objective to complete.

You can complete that objective by heading to the Hive area Southwest of the lab. You can abort the pollenization cycle by going to the small building with a terminal. All the wasps will return, and you will get extra XP.

Return to the hotel and get into your suite for talking to the Administrator on the terminal to complete this main quest.


The Man Who Chafed and Prince of Tossball will be unlocked along with the 129,212 XP and 5,000 Bit Cartridge.

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