How To Toast In MultiVersus

It is not always about taunting your opponents in MultiVersus. You also have the option of recognizing your opponents as...

It is not always about taunting your opponents in MultiVersus. You also have the option of recognizing your opponents as a gesture of goodwill or simply in the spirit of competitive play.

Considering the Warner Bros. universe, you should know that raising a toast in the game literally means showing a piece of toast.

Toasting though is not just for show either. There are a few incentives for players to reap.

The following guide will teach you how to toast in MultiVersus while explaining the incentives you get out of showing gratitude to your opponents.

How The Toasting Mechanics Work

Toasting is similar to how you honor your opponents at the end of a match in games like League of Legends and Overwatch. It is designed to spread positivity instead of toxicity which is fairly common in online competitive games.

When a MultiVersus match ends, click on the icon of a player to give them a toast. Note that you can give a toast to both your opponents and teammates.

This includes the section where you choose to have a rematch or not. However, if your teammates choose a rematch, you will have to wait for the rematch to be over before being able to send a toast to anyone.

Toasting, however, is not free to do in MultiVersus. You spend in-game coins to use the toasting mechanics of the game. Toasting a player means sending 25 gold their way.

Keep in mind that there are a few achievements locked behind the toasting mechanics. For example, you need to toast 100 players for one achievement and toast another player at the same time they are toasting you to unlock another.

How To Get More Toast

MultiVersus gives players a few stacks of toast to send out when they start playing for the first time. Hence, toast is not an unlimited resource in the game. There are three ways through which to get more toast, depending on your tenacity.

  • You can purchase 10x Toast from the Collection screen for 350 gold.
  • You can get 5x Toast for reaching level 3 with a character.
  • You can earn 20x Toast by leveling up the premium battle pass, or 5x Toast by reaching tier 4 in the free version.
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