Multiple Half-Life Games In Development, Says Valve Insider

Valve has apparently been busy in chalking out more Half-Life games in the franchise but as such, the status of the fabled Half-Life 3 remains in the wind.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, well-known Valve insider Tyler McVicker (previously known as Valve News Network) uploaded a new video in which he claimed that Valve has at least two Half-Life games in development, one of which is code-named “HL:X” and will be a follow-up to the recent Half-Life: Alyx game.

While information about both Half-Life games is minimal at the time of writing, HL:X appears to be another virtual reality take which will be an “evolution of the original [Half-Life: Alyx] concept.” The second game on the other hand is said to feature asymmetrical multiplayer with support for ray tracing, suggesting Valve to be incorporating traditional PC players with perhaps virtual reality players as well.

The Half-Life franchise remained dormant for more than a decade before Valve surprisingly released Half-Life: Alyx last year. While not on the same scale as the unreleased Half-Life 3 game, Half-Life: Alyx was hailed for sparking a fresh interest in virtual reality games and which incidentally resulted in the Valve Index headset and controllers selling out in the United States, Canada, and Europe within the first week of announcement.

Elsewhere, McVicker claimed earlier in the year that Fallout: New Vegas 2, on par with Half-Life 3 for being a highly wished game, will be releasing somewhere β€œin the latter half of this decade,” which puts the release window somewhere between 2025 and 2030.

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