Blizzard: Multiple Diablo Games In Development, Reveal Coming Late 2018

Diablo 3 launched all way back in 2012 and since then no new Diablo game has launched. However, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that it is working on multiple Diablo games that will be showcased by the end of 2018.

This is according to the associate community manager, Brand Camel. In a recent video uploaded by Diablo’s official Youtuber channel Camel confirmed that Blizzard Entertainment is working on multiple Diablo games.

She added that some of the projects will take more time to develop than others while some of the Diablo projects will be revealed by the end of 2018.

She further noted that with Season 14 for Diablo 3 introduced something new, which is the Themed season.

She added that The Season Of Greed is the first of the Themed seasons and Blizzard Entertainment plans to bring other Themed Season to Diablo 3 as well.

While she didn’t reveal what are these multiple Diablo games or projects are but we are sure that one of them is Diablo 4.

Fans have been asking for a new Diablo title for quite some time and if the recent job listing is to be believed, then Blizzard Entertainment is working on Diablo 4.

It will be a while before we get to hear about these multiple Diablo games or projects that are in development but rumor has it that Blizzard Entertainment is bringing Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this year Blizzard Entertainment teased Diablo 3 for Switch but, shortly after clarified that they were just messing around.

Interestingly, that was not the end of it as sources close to Eurogamer revealed that Diablo 3 is very much in the works for Nintendo Switch despite Blizzard’s claims that it is not.

Speaking of Diablo, original Diablo designer recently revealed that Diablo 3 would have been much more Diablo II-looking if Blizzard North had developed the game.

He added that Blizzard North was working of Diablo 3 but eventually, it was scrapped. Blizzard Entertainment did finish the Diablo 3 but offered a fresh new take on the series.

Our art style up north was different than the art style from the guys down [at Blizzard South], and so in a lot of ways it was much more like Diablo II-looking than it was what Diablo III ended up looking like.

What do you think are the multiple projects Blizzard Entertainment is working on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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