Microsoft and Razer Partnering For Mouse And Keyboard Support On Xbox One

Microsft has promised mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One. However, it has been a while since Microsoft announced the mouse & keyboard support and we are still waiting for it. Now, it seems that Microsoft needed a partner to bring it to its flagship console as Microsoft might be partnering with Razer for mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One.

According to some documents received by WindowsCentral, it is clear that Microsoft is planning to partner up with Razer for Xbox One mouse and keyboard support and intended to bring the support to Xbox One with April update of the Xbox dev kit.

The documents reveal a presentation from Microsoft in partnership with Razer that shows off Razer mouse and keyboard designed specifically for the Xbox One.

The presentation reveals that Razer and Microsoft intended to bring RGB mouse and keyboard support to Xbox One. The presentation reveals two keyboard brands, Razer Turret and Razer BlackWidow, that are specifically designed for the couch gaming.

Not only that, the presentation reveals that Razer intends to take advantage of the Chroma RGB to provide “visuals cues for abilities coming off cooldown and so on”.

Furthermore, Microsoft also outlined the guidelines for developers detailing how the developers are supposed to implement mouse and keyboard support for their Xbox One titles.

According to the guideline, developers are obligated to add Gamepad support for their Xbox titles and only one mouse and keyboard will be supported per console.

Furthermore, Microsoft also explained how it will transform the gaming on console especially, multiplayer gaming.

Also, developers would have the freedom to add the mouse and keyboard support for their games and will be able to lock out the peripherals if devs want to keep the gameplay balanced.

Furthermore, Microsoft noted that developers have to monitor how mouse and keyboard perform in matches against the players using the gamepad and make necessary adjustments to balance the gameplay experience.

All USB mice that are supported by Windows will be supported by Xbox One and those peripherals that require custom drivers will be incompatible. Not only that, developers will be able to lock out peripherals that unfairly mimic gamepad inputs with the help of a new API.

The presentation noted that the mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One would arrive with April update this Fall.

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Source: WindowsCentral

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