Tiny Mouse In Ghost of a Tale Gets Gameplay Trailer

While press conferences are a great way to find out what the biggest of titles are up to, Gamescom 2014 also houses a lot of indie titles. One that was briefly shown during the Xbox event is Ghost of a Tale.

This adventure game has a full trailer out now, so you can truly admire this little mouse and its tiny string instrument. According to the description, this marvelous world is shot entirely from gameplay footage.

Ghost of a Tale wants to recreate a sense of wonder with beautifully crafted natural environments, warmly lit keeps and an all-round charming vibe. It draws visual inspiration from worlds like Winnie the Pooh and The Dark Crystal; two totally different themes.

For its gameplay, it seeks sources like Zelda or Ico, but also the classic Gothic roleplaying game (RPG) series or even Dark Souls. We’d say that translates well with the duality between enchanting sceneries and scary encounters in the clip.

Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale

Since you’re just a little mouse, you’ll do a lot of sneaking and hiding away from nasty rats and other bigger creatures. Still, the game will also employ some combat mechanisms and have interactive objects.

For instance, we can see in the clip that the mouse circumvents an enemy, climbs to a higher point and uses a barrel there to drop it on the guard’s head. In another scene, it dons a big metal armor, but that seems to considerably impede movement.

While Ghost of a Tale is coming to Xbox One, developer Seith stresses that the roots of the game are firmly set on PC, stating:

I want to clarify something: Ghost of a Tale is primarily a PC game which will also be released on Xbox One thanks to Microsoft’s interest.

Ghost of a Tale is a project that went through a crowd funding stint on Indiegogo. It barely managed to top its €45,000 goal, which seems so small given how amazing the game looks so far.

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