Mortal Kombat “Represents Empowered Females,” Says Ed Boon

Ed Boon believes that the Mortal Kombat franchise “represents empowered females” better than any game out there.

In a recent interview with GamesMaster magazine, the creative director of Mortal Kombat X and long time developer of the franchise was asked about his views on the ongoing GamerGate movement.

Boon said that in Mortal Kombat, all females are portrayed exactly like the male characters. There are no ups and downs, and both sexes are showcased as capable fighters. He also pointed out that some of the main stars of the new Mortal Kombat X are female characters, including the new Cassie Cage.

Boon also mentioned that the Mortal Kombat franchise has a higher percentage of female characters than almost any fighting game.

“Our female characters are treated exactly like our male characters, and we have a higher percentage of female characters than almost any fighting game, so I really believe that Mortal Kombat represents empowered women more than almost any game. I hold that up against almost any franchise at all.”

Mortal Kombat X is scheduled for release on April 14 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. It has been confirmed to be running at 1080p and at 60 constant frames-per-second.

via GamerHeadlines

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